International Translation Day

🌍 Happy International Translation Day! 📖 Today, we celebrate the unsung heroes who bridge the gaps between languages and cultures. Translators not only enable communication, but they also play a pivotal role in fostering understanding and unity in our diverse global community. This works in our international community to as we learn, exchange and acknowledge the wealth of languages within our boarding community.

Welcome Back BBQ

On Friday, 29th October, College du Leman celebrated with a “Welcome Back BBQ” for all students and their families. The event was filled with delectable food, engaging activities, and captivating live performances from our school’s talented students.

In a commendable effort, some students ran a stall selling mooncakes. Their initiative wasn’t just entrepreneurial; it was also charitable. Every cent of their profit is being channelled towards charitable causes in Morocco. Additionally, their endeavor served as a heartfelt nod to their homeland, honoring the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Above all, the highlight was witnessing our students laugh, immerse themselves in new experiences, and further solidify the bond of our boarding community.

A Flavorful Spanish Fiesta: International Dinner

In our boarding school, we recently embarked on a culinary journey that brought a taste of Spain to our campus. Our international dinner was all about savoring delectable dishes like paella, squid, mussels, and pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread).

The paella took center stage, boasting saffron-infused rice and seafood that simply melted in your mouth. The squid, lightly crispy and bursting with flavor, garnered rave reviews. And those mussels, bathed in a savory broth, were an absolute slurp-worthy sensation. To top it off, pan amb tomaca added a fresh and zesty twist to our palates.

This feast wasn’t just about food; it was a global culinary celebration that brought together students from diverse backgrounds. Sharing this mouthwatering meal reminded us that food has the power to connect people and celebrate different cultures right here at our boarding school.


Say cheese!

The awaited photo of the house has arrived, a photo for posterity, here we leave you a preview behind the cameras, when we have the official photos we will share them immediately with you.

Olympus boys enjoy their weekend

Another weekend has passed for our boarders in Olympus.

Over this weekend the students participated in many different activities, keeping them active and entertained. Some participated in regular weekend activities such as Tennis, Climbing, or Stretching whilst others discovered newer activities like padel tennis or Rafting.

These different activities helped to procure a weekend of discovery and entertainment.

Pillar 1: Healthy Body, Health Minds

For the topic of Pillar 1, we will be discussing SLEEP

Sleep. It’s something we all do, and yet many of us undervalue its significance. This year, as part of Pillar 1: Healthy Body, Healthy Minds, we have embarked on an enlightening journey to delve deep into the mysteries of sleep and its paramount importance.

Guided by the Pillar Advocate Ms. Perrine, an enthusiastic team of students has taken the lead in championing this cause. Through comprehensive research and dedication, they’ve unveiled the multifaceted nature of sleep, and its impact on our cognitive functions, emotional well-being, and physical health.

Why Is Sleep So Crucial?

Contrary to the notion that sleep is just a passive activity, it’s a time when our body performs several vital tasks. Our brain consolidates memories, making it easier for us to recall information. The body repairs cells, restores energy, and releases hormones that are essential for growth and stress regulation. Without proper sleep, our ability to concentrate, make decisions, and even interact socially can be severely hampered.

The dedicated students, under Ms. Perrine’s guidance, have crafted enlightening educational videos that were showcased during our house meetings. These visuals not only elucidated the science behind sleep but also offered actionable techniques to enhance our sleep quality.

One compelling challenge set forth by this team is the adaptation of at least one sleep-enhancing technique. For instance, did you know that the blue light emitted by our phones can interfere with our sleep hormones? That’s why it’s advised to distance oneself from electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Meditation, on the other hand, calms the mind and can significantly improve the quality of our sleep.

We commend the unwavering commitment of the Pillar 1 team and Ms. Perrine. Their endeavour underscores the school’s dedication to holistic well-being. As this knowledge resonates across the globe through our blog, we hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect on their sleep habits. After all, nurturing our minds and bodies begins with a good night’s sleep.

Active weekend

Another weekend full of activities, some of them are regular, golf, tennis, cooking, and allow us to improve our skills.

Others however bring new challenges and allow us to explore other abilities, for example, padel or karting. These were undoubtedly very popular with our more adventurous kids.


Olympus gets its first win

Back to the court! The basketball boarding league has already started, and the first game was the big derby, Olympus versus Leman, without a doubt a difficult game with a lot at stake, we are very happy to tell you that it was our first game and we have achieved our first victory.

But the most important thing is to celebrate with our rivals and the referees (many thanks to Mme. Perrine and Mr. Spencer) that we had a great time playing basketball.

Fresh air on the Swiss mountains

Finally, it’s time for that moment we love so much at the beginning of the year, the Mountain Weekend!

This weekend the whole boarding community enjoyed different activities in two magnificent villages: Fiesch and Verbier.

We have been able to practice activities such as glacier hiking, via Ferrata, mountain biking, rope course, or laser tag, among other games.

Without a doubt, this experience helped us to get to know other boarders better and to share good moments with them in a wonderful environment.