A Flavorful Spanish Fiesta: International Dinner

In our boarding school, we recently embarked on a culinary journey that brought a taste of Spain to our campus. Our international dinner was all about savoring delectable dishes like paella, squid, mussels, and pa amb tomaquet (tomato bread).

The paella took center stage, boasting saffron-infused rice and seafood that simply melted in your mouth. The squid, lightly crispy and bursting with flavor, garnered rave reviews. And those mussels, bathed in a savory broth, were an absolute slurp-worthy sensation. To top it off, pan amb tomaca added a fresh and zesty twist to our palates.

This feast wasn’t just about food; it was a global culinary celebration that brought together students from diverse backgrounds. Sharing this mouthwatering meal reminded us that food has the power to connect people and celebrate different cultures right here at our boarding school.