Gala of Unity: Unforgettable Moments at the CDL Winter Ball

The CDL Winter Ball, was an evening where the pleasures of a sumptuous feast, the allure of dancing, and the palpable sense of togetherness took centre stage. The night commenced with a delightful dinner that tantalized taste buds and fostered convivial conversations among guests. As the clock ticked, the dance floor beckoned, and attendees embraced the joy of movement, swaying to melodies that echoed unity and celebration. But beyond the culinary delights and rhythmic beats, it was the prevailing spirit of togetherness that truly defined the occasion. Students, faculty, and esteemed guests, amidst the revelry, forged connections weaving a tapestry of camaraderie that illuminated the essence of the CDL community.

CDL Olympus: A Weekend Tapestry of Adventure and Celebration

At CDL Olympus, this weekend was one of excitement and camaraderie as residents dove into an array of activities. Scaling walls during an exhilarating climbing expedition, venturing on a refreshing morning run, and immersing themselves in a cinematic experience set the stage for the pinnacle event: the festive winter ball on Saturday evening. Dressed in their finest, the community transformed the venue into a winter wonderland, dancing and twirling to lively music while forging bonds and creating cherished memories.