Mountain weekend in Leysin and Crans-Montana. An amazing experience

The weekend that just passed was the CDL Mountain Weekend for 2024. Our younger boarders went to Leysin while the oldest went to Crans-Montana. It was once again a weekend full of fun, thrills, and joy. The students went skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, and a lot more. Some even visited the thermal baths. An unforgettable experience was created thanks to that. amidst the beautiful Leysin landscape. Along the various games and activities we also played this Mountain Weekend at CDL was perfect.

Pillar 3- What is Microaggression

In our ongoing effort to cultivate a nurturing and inclusive environment, Week 3 of Pillar 3 was dedicated to exploring the complexities and joys of international friendships. These friendships, rich in diversity, open our eyes to new cultures, traditions, and perspectives, contributing immensely to our school’s vibrant community. However, with this diversity comes the responsibility of navigating cultural differences sensitively.

Addressing Microaggressions

Despite the best intentions, cultural misunderstandings can lead to microaggressions – subtle, often unintentional acts of discrimination or insults towards marginalised groups. These can stem from ingrained stereotypes or simply a lack of awareness. Recognising and addressing these microaggressions is crucial for maintaining the integrity and health of international friendships.

Nikolai and Andre gave brilliant definitions of Microaggression and some examples of how we may be guilty of this in our interactions with each other without ill intent.

To deepen understanding and self-awareness, students completed a questionnaire, with the central question being, “What microaggressions have you personally dealt with or witnessed?” This exercise encouraged our boys to reflect on their experiences, share them with their peers, and contribute to a more empathetic and inclusive environment.


Frosty Adventures and Mountain Magic for the Olympus Boarders

Last weekend’s CDL Mountain Weekend at Leysin was nothing short of spectacular, providing thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts with an unforgettable experience amidst the beautiful Leysin landscape. From exhilarating skiing adventures down the powdery slopes to the joyous laughter echoing through the air during tobogganing escapades and ice skating, the mountain weekend was a true celebration of winter. For those seeking a unique and immersive experience, the opportunity to take part in igloo building added a creative touch to the snowy landscape. Moreover, the excursion to the glacier showcased the pristine beauty of the region, allowing participants to connect with nature. The CDL Mountain Weekend proved to be a perfect blend of adventure and camaraderie.


Pillar 3- What makes a good friend?

Continuing our journey on Pillar 3, this week we looked into what makes a good friend.

In our journey through life, the friends we make are not just companions, but mirrors reflecting our own selves. But what exactly makes a good friend? What traits do we seek in these important people who walk alongside us in our lives? To delve deeper into this question, we conducted an exercise focusing on the key qualities people value in friendships.

We played a game with the students for them to identify what quality they felt their friends had – and to stick it on them!

The top qualities were brotherhood, loyalty, trust, honour, company, help, and honesty, each embodying a critical aspect of what it means to be a good friend.


Weekend Adventures: Kicking Off the Semester with Fun and Laser Tag

After a challenging first week of classes, the boarders were eager to make the most of the first weekend back on campus. With assignments and tests before and after the break, they took a break from their academic routines and embarked on a weekend filled with thrilling activities, pure enjoyment, snow, and an epic laser tag showdown that would set the tone for the new semester.

The snow and cold didn’t scare the students off having fun, maybe it being our first snowy week made them more excited.

Pillar 3: Building Positive Friendships

We continue on the path of our Wellbeing Programme and now begin Pillar 3: Building Positive Friendships.

Undoubtedly, friendships stand as a cornerstone of the Boarding Experience, profoundly influencing and enriching a student’s daily life. In this Pillar, we are dedicated to guiding students in appreciating the value of these relationships, emphasising the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. Adolescents frequently face the challenges of peer pressure, which can have both beneficial and detrimental effects. It’s a crucial life skill to discern whether these friendships are exerting the right kind of influence and contributing positively to their personal growth.

A Friend

By Gillian Jones

A person who listens and not condemn

Someone on whom you can depend

They will not flee when bad times are here

Instead, they will be there to lend an ear

They will think of ways to make you smile

So you can be happy for a while

When times are good and happy thereafter

They will be there to share the laughter

Do not forget your friends at all

For they pick you up when you fall

Do not expect to just take and hold

Give friendship back, it is pure gold.


First House Dinner of 2024

To make our first week back together special yesterday we hosted our first house dinner in Olympus eating curry, having fun, and getting to catch up with one another as the students had so many stories to share from their wonderful holidays.

The food was naan bread, chicken curry, rice, vegetable samosas, and kheer for dessert.

Olympus Boarders Return to CDL for a Promising New Term

The CDL campus buzzed with renewed energy as the Olympus boarders made a triumphant return after the winter break, marking the start of a promising new term. Laughter echoed through the halls as friends reunited, sharing tales of their holiday adventures while eagerly anticipating the semester ahead. The vibrant atmosphere was palpable as students settled back into their dorms and caught up on missed moments and shared aspirations for the upcoming academic challenges. With a palpable sense of camaraderie and determination, the Olympus boarders at CDL set the stage for a spirited and successful new term.