Smashing the Marmite for l’Escalade

Our students this week took part and celebrated one of Geneva’s most significant days. The night of the 11th of December is an important occasion because it celebrates the successful defence of the city from the Savoyards in 1602. The city defended itself against the warriors climbing up its walls, hence the name “l’Escalade” which means “the climb” in French. The breach of the city started at 4:30 am in the morning of the 12th and men and women went out on the streets with the soldiers and the militia to fight. Smashing a chocolate cauldron is important because it reminds people of the courage of la Mère Royaume who scalded a Savoyard soldier with her pot of soup. The defence ended up successful and we recounted its story together before the oldest and the youngest of our students smashed the cauldron.

We had Andrè who always likes telling us his stories recite the story about l’Escalade, which our students listened to with interest.

“Ainsi périssent les ennemis de la République!”  the oldest and the youngest person in the room, have to say as they smash the cauldron.

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