Our garden

When the weather is nice outside my friends and I like to go outside and play football. Me and Mircea, Aslan, Jia Hao, Akhmad and Alibek play the game called docky on the middle, Alexey, Vladimir and Andrey play hockey. Sometimes Mauro and I play frisbee. We only play outside when the weather is good so its not been that often recently! Today was a fantastic afternoon though. In the picture you can see us all enjoying the sunny weather, we hope there is more to come!

Weekend away

This weekend we went to the Vallée d’Abondance which is about an hour away from Geneva, it is a beautiful place.

On Saturday we went rafting, it was really  exciting and it was really good fun jumping in water from the rocks. After that we went cycling in the forest, it was muddy and difficult but we still had lots of fun. Also we went on the monkey bars there, I love to swing on them and hang upside-down! 

We stayed overnight in a nice hotel, had some nice food at dinner and in the evening we went to wander around in the town.

On sunday we went hiking, we were lucky because the weather really improved during our walk, it was beautiful there.

On our way home we had our lunch at Evian (where the water comes from) and free time in the city. After that we all had an ice-cream together.  

We had great fun on this weekend and we will always have lots of memories left from this trip.



Europa Park

This long weekend we went to the Europa Park. We went there by bus, it took about 4 hours from Versoix to Freiburg in Germany. We stayed in the hotel Bell Rock, it is a nice 4 star hotel. My roommates were two guys from Concha. We were living in a large, comfortable room. Every morning we went for the breakfast, then to the theme park. There were many interesting things to do, my favourite was the “Silver Star” roller-coaster. Every evening we were in the swimming pool. I really enjoyed this weekend, it was an amazing idea to visit Europa park! 


We had amazing trip to Chamonix yesterday.

We got the minibus to drive there, Mr Robertson was driving!

It took about an hour to get there and when we got there we got some tickets to go on the luges. It was really fun, and it was quite fast! And also it was raining really hard at the same time, I think this was an experience I will never forget.

After that we went to the small town, where we had tasty ice  cream and a nice stroll. We decided to eat in one of the traditional mountain town restaurants.

On the way back we saw a huge glacier and stopped next to a waterfall. It was impressive and really beautiful. Also we went to a lake where everyone had fun. I had a nice swim there, the others were playing football or frisbee. So we came back really happy and satisfied.


Hello I’am Mircea and I want to tell you that today was an amazing day. As you can see from the pictures we went rafting in France . We all had a good time and we are waiting for the next weekend.