Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Fighting Bullying and Promoting Diversity

Last week we started the 2nd Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

It is a very delicate topic but it’s good to be able to talk about it openly and objectively. As in pillar 1, we have two takeaway points. This week we discussed Takeaway Point 1.

Take away point 1 – Integration and diversity are part of the international agenda of the world’s most important institutions.

We talk about it at a lower level, at schools, work and public places. However, that topic is at the heart of the identity of all the major international organizations and that is something that sometimes we overlook to consider diversity something to think of at an individual level. Beyond the political message on the importance of diversity, institutions like the UN have a policy of promoting diversity in their workforce and enabling all types of people to access job positions within their ranks and therefore setting the example of integration and teamwork.