Gift Box Appeal

This weekend, the Concha boys contributed to the donations and wrapping for the annual Gift Box Appeal. The gifts will go to children less fortunate than themselves so that they can receive something special over the festive period.

World Cup 2022

This evening, the FIFA World Cup 2022 will start. The event is being held in Qatar.

Throughout the tournament, we will be enjoying the matches in Concha on our television in the common room.

A Special House Meeting

This evening, I organised for Herman, Louis (former Concha students) and Nihad (Grade 12) to come to Concha to take our Wednesday House Meeting.
Herman and Louis discussed their experience in Concha, their ups and downs throughout Grade 8, the importance of being organised, keeping to the rules and the privileges the boys will earn later in the year. They also spoke about the transition from Middle School to High School and the responsibility they now have as Grade 9 students.
Nihad then went on to talk about his experiences at CDL, as a student who arrived in Grade 9, and who had not experienced a Middle School house and the structure and support that Concha and Old Portena offers for young students. He also talked about respect and trust, and how it has taken four years to get to a privileged position where he can live in an outside villa with friends, and have a great relationship with his House Parent who treats him like a young adult. He also spoke about the importance of communication, and that being a senior living off campus still comes with rules and structure. He then prepared a cup of tea from his country for each boy before bed. It was a really special evening and something they will remember for some time.

 Thank you to these special young men for taking the time to speak to the younger students in Concha.

Mr James

Wellbeing Pillar 2 – Diversity

Last week we reflected on how the sense of diversity is part of a global world, this week we will reflect with the students on the notion of diversity itself. It’s easy to label diversity as something uniquely linked to ethnicity, creed or sexuality…

However, there are many, many other forms of diversity. Simple things such as personal tastes or hobbies are a source of diversity, and these are at least as visible as the above-mentioned ones.

Therefore, why do we bear a judgement towards someone who doesn’t have the same religion or the same beliefs and not towards someone who doesn’t listen to the same music or supports another sports team?

We all want to be allies in this crusade and all our work in terms of charity and community service does pay a great service to bring us together, acknowledging the differences but strengthening our similarities. That should be the key and that is the way that as a school we’re paving.