Gingerbread House Competition

With the arrival of Christmas come the decorations and festivities.

Amirhossein and Seyed have built our Gingerbread House and we have to say that seeing their enthusiasm the foundations must be of good quality 🙂

The question now will be… when will we get to eat it? 😀

Escalade Run… Part 2

Well done and a round of applause to Antoni, Ablai, Rakann, Alex, Yosuke and Roi for their participation in the Escalade Run Cadets A, today in the streets of Geneva. It’s great to see their willingness to join the thousands of people who gather to celebrate this special event in the history of the Geneva Canton.

And for us it’s a proud moment to see them doing their best and pushing themselves but always in a spirit of comradery and fair-play.

Congratulations boys 🙂