Boarding House Competition – Bake-Off

Aydan loves to be in the kitchen, whether he’s cooking chicken teriyaki or making a tasty dessert.

Today we have the latest instalment of the Boarding House competition – The Bake-Off. There was only one boy for the job.

Aydan had the idea to make spaghetti meatballs – entirely out of cake!! We are so thankful for his efforts and creativity- Good job, Aydan!!

Samedi du Partage

This weekend, around 20 Boarding students, took part in an incredible charity initiative. The students set up a station at a local supermarket all day on Saturday and took food donations from members of the public. Everything that was collected will now go to a local charity. They did an incredible job and gathered large amounts that will really help people in need. Well done everyone.

Respect Week

It sure is a basic and elementary expectation but it’s never too much to remind the boys of how important a tidy and organized room is for each one of us.

Besides that, it’s a matter of respect not just for themselves but also towards the roommates, cleaning ladies, House staff etc…

Simple gestures can sometimes convey an important message and therefore this was a particular effort we have done this week to ensure our rooms are (almost:) ) always presentable.

True that it’s not the most popular chore to do in a cloudy morning but surely everyone acknowledges the pleasure of walking back from school and having a tidy, neat and comfortable room to get back to and relax, rest or study.

Respect to these boys!!! 🙂


Pillar 2… Diversity

Noticing differences is normal but there are many ways to be an ally.
While last week we reflected on how the sense of diversity is part of a global world, this week we will reflect with the students on the notion of diversity itself. It’s easy to label diversity as something uniquely linked to ethnicity, creed or sexuality… However, there are many, many other forms of diversity.
Simple things such as personal tastes or hobbies are a source of diversity, and these are at least as visible as the above-mentioned ones.
Therefore, why do we bear a judgement towards someone who doesn’t have the same religion or the same beliefs and not towards someone who doesn’t listen to the same music or supports another sports team?
The video below gives a simple explanation on the real notion of differences and diversity.

We all want to be allies in this crusade and all our work in terms of charity and community service does pay a great service to bring us together, acknowledging the differences but strengthening our similarities. That should be the key and that is the way that as a school we’re paving.
On a more individual level, we believe the answer lies in the following video.


Basketball Victory

This evening our Leman boys were impecable and defeated Franconis in the Boarding Basketball Tournament. There was a real team spirit and they all had great fun. Well done !! A few shots of the game moments:


Wellbeing Programme Pillar 2 – Fighting bullying and promoting diversity

Last week we started our 2nd Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme.

It is a very delicate topic but it’s good to be able to talk about it openly and objectively. As in pillar 1, we have two take away points. This week we discussed about Take Away point 1

Take away point 1 – Integration and diversity are part of the international agenda of the world’s most important institutions.  


We talk about it at a lower level, at schools, work and public places. However, that topic is at the heart of the identity of all the major international organizations and that is something that sometimes we overlook to consider diversity something to think of at an individual level. Beyond the political message on the importance of diversity, institutions like the UN have a policy of promoting diversity in their work force and enabling all types of people to access job position within their ranks and therefore setting the example on integration and teamwork.   


Globally what we want to achieve with this point is that students understand that Diversity and Integration are present far beyond the school environment or our individual background and that it’s a top priority in the world today. Sometimes, this might be overlooked, and we believe it’s important they acknowledge that the work and reflection being done here is echoed in the World Leading Institutions.