Winter Dance

The annual Winter Dance took place this weekend at the Marriott Hotel in Geneva. The boys were all dressed incredibly smartly and they all had tonnes of fun!!! More photos to come!! Happy Holidays everyone!!


L’escalade – Geneva Tradition

Each year, in the canton of Geneva, we celebrate a tradition to mark an incredible triumph against an invasion on the city in 1602. The story reads that some of the people of Geneva fended of the attack by pouring cauldrons of hot soup from their windows onto the troops, causing them to retreat.

To celebrate this tradition, each year, the youngest and oldest person in each houselhold smash a chocolate ‘Marmite’ and recite the following sentence:

“Ainsi péerissent les ennemis de la République”


*Please click on the link above to see a video of the Léman boys ‘smashing the marmite’.

Boarding Awards Ceremony 2022 – Congratulations Boys!!

This evening we had the Boarding awards ceremony for Semester one.

The Boarding Life award was given the to the students who have embraced life in Boarding, who have contributed positively to our community, and who have displayed a fantastic attitude in many areas.

The Activities award was given to the students who have participated and committed to a wide range of sports and activities.

The Academic award was given to the Boarding students with the highest averages in each grade.

Congratulations to all the Léman boys who won awards!

For everyone who didn’t win awards this evening, we encourage them to keep working hard, keep displaying a fantastic attitude in the different aspects of Boarding, and we are sure good things will come to them.

Winners of the Boarding Life Award for Semester 1.

Winners of the Activities Award!


Winners of the Academic Awards for their grade.



Gingerbread House Competition

With the arrival of Christmas come the decorations and festivities.

Amirhossein and Seyed have built our Gingerbread House and we have to say that seeing their enthusiasm the foundations must be of good quality 🙂

The question now will be… when will we get to eat it? 😀

Escalade Run… Part 2

Well done and a round of applause to Antoni, Ablai, Rakann, Alex, Yosuke and Roi for their participation in the Escalade Run Cadets A, today in the streets of Geneva. It’s great to see their willingness to join the thousands of people who gather to celebrate this special event in the history of the Geneva Canton.

And for us it’s a proud moment to see them doing their best and pushing themselves but always in a spirit of comradery and fair-play.

Congratulations boys 🙂

Escalade Run for Tony and Mr Rob

Support is always important when we face a new challenge and this is what Tony and Mr Rob gave each other for the Escalade Run 2022.

Beyond the challenge, this traditional run in the streets of Geneva is involved in a fantastic atmosphere and will surely be a great memory for Tony.

Well done for participation, sportsmanship and for pushing yourself, Tony.

More runners will take their part tomorrow in the younger categories.