Italian Dining

Before the October break a group of New Portena girls tried out the new Italian restaurant in the dining room. This will happen every Thursday, an area of the dining room will be sectioned off and run as a restaurant. The theme of the restaurant will change throughout the year. The girls attended Italian night where they had an Anti-pasta, Pizza and a Tiramisu.


Doodling with Margey and Ivy

Before we left for the October Half term Margey and Ivy started doodling on the board. Their doodles turned in to quite the piece of art. There was a link to Greek Mythology – Pandoras box. The first picture shows the girls at work on the drawing, the second has the finished piece.

img_3686 img_3688


The house went on a house trip on Friday to Rust in Germany. We spent the night in a hotel and on Saturday visited Europapark. Europe’s 2nd largest theme park. The girls had a fabulous day at the park and rode as many of the roller coasters as they could in a day. The favourites were: Blue fire, Silverstar, Wooden and Euro star.
screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-19-33-43 screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-19-33-32