Christmas Gift Box Appeal

The girls in the house worked together to create Christmas gift boxes. This is a great charity which provides children living below the poverty line in Eastern Europe a Christmas present. The girls had fun compiling the necessary items which go in to the box such as; shampoo, conditioner, tooth brushes, stuffed toys, exercise books and pens.

img_4528 img_4529 img_4530 img_4531

Masterchef House Competition

Yesterday Arin, Anya, Margey, Ayaka and Ivy took part in the Masterchef House Competition.

Anya and Ivy created a Tasty Thai style Fried rice with Giant Shrimp  and Margey, Ayaka and Arin created Vanilla and Banana Freakshake.

Below are some pictures of the girls plating their dishes, the final dishes and the girls serving the food to the Judges.

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