Cheer Competition!!!!!!

This Sunday New Portena will take part in the Boarding Cheer Competition!
The idea of cheerleading is very important, because it brings a community closer together. We in CDL, really value team spirit, because that is what moves us forward-MOTIVATION and SUPPORT.
After all we are a big family, we have sad and happy moments, but we will always RISE higher and higher and reach our goals!!
Good luck to everyone this weekend!


Boarding Life

Boarding life can sometimes be difficult, especially when there are exams coming up and you are away from your family, but in New Portena we give each other needed support. Here we are taught to be strong, break through the limits and fight for happiness. We take the advantage to build our future. Not everyone is capable of this, but here we all find the strength to accomplish our goals and reach for success.
Life is like a zebra, it will always change.
zebra pop art

Open Door Day


Tomorrow is the open door day. All the teachers are welcome in our hospitable Boarding House.
Any questions are welcome, we’ll be very pleased to see you tomorrow and show you our life in New Portena.


New Portena 2015-2016 :D


New Portena is a big, comfortable and spacious house with a small paved square and a fountain behind it. Compared to other girls’ boarding houses, New Portena remains my favourite. All the surrounding views from the windows are picturesque, just one glance out of the window will cheer you up. We are never bored. Here we have our own small library, a TV, a Nintendo Wii, an elegant piano and soft sofas stretching along the living room edges.
But anyway, New Portena is NOT just a building. It is also a community consisting of
32 wonderful people of different ages and nations, various appearances, characters and souls. Living here is a rare opportunity to observe different cultures and traditions and also to learn new phrases in other languages. It is a great experience, which can help you in learning how to get on and to make compromises with other people. It enables you to solve problems and avoid conflicts.
We also have three kind and friendly house parents in our boarding family. They look after us and they are truly concerned about us, if something is not right. We can ask them for help for any kind of reason. You can always talk with them if something/ someone is pulling you down. Of course they can be strict, but only when it is justified.
We all love each other just the way we are, that’s part of being a community.