Art Geneve

So today with my sister, we went to Palexpo to see some amazing drafts by young and excellent people and it was awesome. Thanks for this amazing day M. Massimo 😉

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Sunny Sunday Skimming Stones

(Excuse the alliteration – it was too tempting!)

Winter in Geneva has taken a very tropical turn and the temperature has been very very mild. In order to make the most of the sun before the snow and ice return, the girls of Old Portena joined with the boys of Concha and went for a nice stroll down to the lakeside and enjoyed the fresh air and had a stone skimming competition.

The leaders were Aykhan, Humoud, and Mr Josh who managed to bounce the stones up to 8 times across the water!

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Baking in House Activity

We were cooking cherry pie with m&ms in our house activity on Friday and I made a new design for the top of the pie! 🙂 When we did this, some girls made icing for the cupcakes and cookies and we decorated them all. Then this weekend we ate it and it was deilicious. I hope we will do it again.

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Musical Cones

imageToday Marina and Michelle organised a fun Down Time with ‘musical cones’ and everyone loved it. It was tense when it got down to the last few cones! A great game.