More Awards!!

We are so proud of all our girls in Old Portena for all the achievements they have made this term. Natalina, Louise, Irina, Michelle, Margie, Herluce, Ayaka and Arin did particularly well and won the Boarding prizes for Marking Period 2. These medals were for Academic Excellence, Activities and Boarding Life, and all were very well deserved!

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Easter Chocolate Hunt

Just as it was getting dark last night, all the girls in Old Portena set out for the Easter Chocolate Hunt. We can tell that many of them are already at a professional level in this game by the number of chocolates they found!

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Most Likely To… Awards!

This evening we had the Most-Likely Award ceremony to celebrate all the fun qualities that the girls bring to life every day in Old Portena.

These ranged from Most Likely To – win a Nobel Peace Prize, an Oscar, Become a famous Philosopher, Dance with Beyonce, Take over the World, become a (lovely) Ninja Turtle, own a Kinder Bueno Factory and star in famous magazine!
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CDL Grand Prix

Well done to all runners who took part in the CDL Grand Prix! The weather stayed dry with a little sun to keep everyone warm – fantastic effort all round

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