No school means FUN TIME!

Today as we do not have School due to the Swiss bank holiday, we used this opportunity to enjoy this fantastic weather; we visited Chateau Chillon in Montreux, a beautiful fort by the Lake Geneva.










Copenhagen trip!

After the delayed flight, the girls finally landed in Copenhagen last night. The kids remained in high spirits and were all happy. They had some time for pizza for dinner.
Today the fun began:
They have all had a fantastic day exploring the lovely city of Copenhagen.
They started the day with a visit to the National Museum of Denmark where they enjoyed a Viking exhibit.
Then, after visiting the Christiansborg palace, they went to the famous Nyhavn harbour for lunch.
They took the students on a cruise through the canals of the city, touring past all the beautiful sights, including the famous little mermaid statue.
The students enjoyed some free time in the city centre, and they will soon be heading back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.
They have an amazing group of kids, and they are all having a nice time!

Smells like summer !

This weekend felt just like summer, over 30°, sunny skies, humid weather… But still, activities went on as usual, and our girls kept up with a busy lifestyle here at CDL !

What did they do, you ask ?

Well, let us show you…

Some of them went horseriding

Others worked their brains in a game of chess

then some cooked some deliciousness

or went for a bike ride through the woods

or even played some volleyball, very appropriate with the current weather !


and more !


Next week, the girls will enjoy an especially long weekend of 4 days ! What will you do for the long weekend ?