Cooking Madness

Cooking is always a popular choice on the weekends – it is always the girls’ first pick when choosing activities! It is exciting to cook different things each week, and this past week they made sushi.

Meanwhile, Miyuki enjoyed cooking with her friends in Champs des Bois; they made sushi as well!

Happy International Day!

We ended the first week back to school after the Spring Break with International Day! This is a day where the whole school celebrates internationalism. Miyuki, Liza and Layla took part by dressing up in national costumes!

Grade 6 Drama Show

Liza, Miyuki, Melissa and their grade 6 classmates put on a drama show based on myths and legends such as Ishtar and Tammuz, and Persephone. They all put on a fantastic show tonight. Well done!

Boarding Talent Show 2024

Yesterday evening was one of the most anticipated events of the year: the Boarding Talent Show. Every house took to the stage to showcase their talents, leading to an entertaining night of performances!

Our Old Portena girls danced to songs from the movie Barbie, and despite some pre-show nerves beforehand they did an amazing job and nailed their performance! Well done! See some photos and a video below.

Tuesday antics

What was Old Portena up to yesterday?
It was Radi’s birthday and so and we celebrated with a delicious cheesecake. We also did a last rehearsal for tonight’s boarding talent show, and lastly we played some board games to end the day!