Wellbeing & Yoga.

Today we spoke about online safety with our G11 students. We touched base on what is legal and what’s illegal. We were all surprised.

Afterwards, staff and students followed a 35′ session of yoga and stretching. Bravo guys!

Saturday Activities

Some shots of the activities in which our children took part today on campus. We are glad to see that the sun is shining more and more in this way , our kids can enjoy even more the leisure possibilities that the lake of Geneva can to offer. As was the case today to have a Photography Workshop.

Biking… another activity that we enjoy more and more thanks to this weather.

Finally… cooking, where our boys prepared today delicious cookies !

Stay Safe…….. Online!

Tonight we brought Pillar 4 to a close, with a stay safe workshop aimed at the informing the Boys of the dangers of online texting, and the risks of sharing pictures of ourselves online.


There was shared input from all the Houses to create the Video, with pupils giving their perspectives on the dangers of the online world. Mrs Jody from the counselling department created the video, and afterwards we looked at a quiz, opening our eyes to many of the laws attached to online content,  I think we all agreed, we were unaware some of these laws even existed. 

The Boys were given a reality check on some of the stats from teenagers, and how the expectations many “believe” others have to send pictures of themselves online.

These meetings with the Grade 12 are precious, as they will soon be leaving and moving onto their new lives at university. These Well-being sessions work not only as a tool for the boys here at CDL, but also help prepare and give them methods and means to cope and be prepared for the independence that awaits them in a few short months……..

Final House Assembly before we split for Spring Break!!!

Tonight in our House Assembly we had lots of different points to cover before we split for Spring Break next Wednesday. Wellbeing being one of the main points as pillar 4 is coming to an end.

We also watched The Talent Show. Congratulations to each of the Houses with their wonderful performances!!Fingers crossed we come out on top but it is a difficult one to call.

Azerbaijan played Portugal tonight in football. The boys cheered on their home country but unfortunately Portugal came out on top winning 1-0.


Tuesday was a Wellbeing Evening !

Aoto filling out his wellbeing planner as the end of pillar 4 comes to an end

Nihad and Max also filling out their wellbeing planners


Tonight we also ended the night with a little bit of Yoga to relax and stretch before bedtime.

The Yoga group is growing, last week it was 2 of the boys, this week we had 6. Namaste

Running Club and Biking is Back….

This week Francisco joined Arsneii and Mr.Rob for a 8km run on Saturday.


Arsneii smiling with the improvement on his running time each week!! He has increased his distance each week, this week he reached his personal best of 8km. 

Nihad enjoyed a lovely bike ride Saturday morning. He managed to do 12km and see the beautiful countryside around Versoix even when the temperatures were close to freezing

We all live in a Yellow Submarine……….

On Saturday we recorded our performance for the Boarding Got Talent contest which is happening virtually this year. Every member of the House played a part and the Rock Stars out front were Iyowuna on Guitar and Ilya on Piano.

Our Yellow Submarine that all of the boys took part in building.


Francisco and Sultan cutting it out.

Akihiro helping with the colouring of the Yellow Submarine.


Omar also working on the colouring in.


Hanwen and Mr.Ronan working on the top of the submarine

Iyowuna and Nihad practicing the lyrics for the song.


Our Yellow Submarine now take pride or place on the wall here in Olympus.

Well-being is Everywhere


As Pillar 4 of the Well-being program comes to an end, the G12 boys sat with Mr Tom and discussed their individual projects. One of the boys researched into how clickabit is used to grab our attention online, while other chose to research their friends on Google…… Luckily with very little effect.


Mr Tom and some of thoe boys have started to do 15 minuted of yoga every evening.

Even some of the more difficult positions, left the guys feeling relaxed and clam after their session

We think Fransisco was actually asleep by the end of this one.