Charitable Spirit at Olympus Boarding

It’s not uncommon for communities to organise charitable action. There’s a lot of unity to be had in everyone rallying for a cause. It feels good and does good to chip in ‘together’. And that’s no different at Olympus.

But there’s also a lot to be said about appreciating charity. To understand that it means a whole lot more than raising some cash. One of the most important gifts that charity can give to more than just the needy recipients, is an empathetic connection to those same people.
So often can it turn into a routine. To remember to donate and send the funds off into the ether. A good thing. But a waste of a lesson. Truly understanding a cause can get lost.

The gift box project is something that ads so much to the charitable experience. Raising some money is followed by the purchase and further donation of gifts that are packaged together and sent to those less fortunate over the season. Food, small gifts and trinkets. Materialism is something that we talk a lot about at CDL. To be wary of it. But there are times when it can mean so much to receive a gift. For so many, it can feel like the world has forgotten them somewhat. And in a small gift, they can find a totem in trying times. Just a thought, a reminder that we still think of them, though we’ll likely never meet.

Mirsadi, Nihad and Michel were in charge of rustling together some change from students and staff alike. And with their strong charitable spirit, they were able to raise a solid amount for the initiative. And the three of them take great pride in the task of knocking on doors and shaking up everyone’s feelings to get to doing a wonderful thing for some wonderful people.

Nihad, Mirsadi and Michel pose with their plentiful collection


And the next stage in the project will of course be about our charitable boys selecting and putting together some gifts by hand. A personal touch for a very personal experience.

If you’re reading this today, consider donating to a charitable organisation of your choice. Money or clothes or unwanted items. Sometimes it takes so little to do so much.

Wishing everyone the best from Olympus Boarding House.

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