Cleaning Up Our Acts at Olympus and Beyond

We all make mistakes. That’s inevitable. More often than not, we have a larger hand in those mistakes than we’d like. Even to blame, might say.

But one of the most valuable lessons that we embody here in Olympus is that messing up is one thing, but making up for it, is an art of its own. Blame and responsibility is only one portion of the aftermath. How one handles failure is often just as important. Because admitting a mistake or allowing oneself to accept guilt takes a surprising amount of strength and maturity. To set shame aside and take up responsibility shows that we can all be bigger than our mistakes.

And though we won’t amplify our pride in our boys just too loudly for their misgivings, we have to admit that they handle their mistakes with a deft hand and are always willing to set things right.

Kirill, Nikkita, Bruno and Rayan cleaning up their acts as well as the environment!


And displayed here, four of our Olympus boys paid a little back to the community for their misgivings and did so with poise, minimal complaining and reasonable style.

We mean no offence when we say we hope to never see them here again, but are heartened that they came down and were willing to put themselves to work and earn back some of our trust.

Wishing you all the best from Olympus Boarding House!


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