For Whom The Bell Tolls: Victory Rings Loud at Olympus

Mirsadi and his team destroyed. Eviscerated. Left no survivors (in an academic sense) at the SWISSLearning Global Leadership Challenge. As a part of a crack team, Mirsadi became an emissary for Olympus and came home a champion, carrying with him an extremely loud and often annoying prize that fills us with pride just the same:

The Bell. Its loud and obnoxious tune is as gratuitous as an Olympus Victory deserves.


Two of the victors who made up CDL’s fabulous team. Handsome. Intelligent. Peak physical and cerebral splendour. Unverifiabley flawless golf game.


Our victor on the field of battle.


What Olympus might suffer from in sore losers, we make up for by being abysmal winners as well and all houses will hear the ring of our bell of victory soon enough.

As much as we’d like to claim all the credit for Olympus, we absolutely do. All Hail Olympus and All Hail Mirsadi, champion of champions in the game of games.

Best Wishes from the house of champions.

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