The Great Indoors and Outdoors: Weekend 19th-21st of November

Ladies and Gentlemen, another weekend washes over Olympus with refreshing mirth. After five days of back-to-back learning, we are ready to relax a little. By getting in some rigorous exercise, apparently.

Yes, we’ve all gone mad yet again. Below, we can see our boy Davyd running eight whole kilometres of his own free will. Persevering despite the bitter cold that has our region under its thumb at the moment.

Jokes aside, the running club has a wonderful advantage in the surroundings of C.D.L. The back-roads feed seamlessly into quiet stretches of farmland with few cars to speak of and forgiving elevation that provides a unique relaxation in efforts of endurance.

Davyd powers on through the golden leaves of fall, pushing on like Father Time himself!

And while some occupy themselves with steeling their nerves against the unforgiving yet fabulous outdoors, others cluster indoors for their physical activity. They partake in a variety of activities including the ‘Boxercise’ club! An abominable Frankenstein’s monster of cardiovascular activities such as running combined with the adrenaline-inducing art of punching those hand-pad thingies while wearing boxing gloves. A blur of jabs and hooks and belting it around the basketball courts and break-neck speeds. And I should add that I know this because I was there. Believe it or not, I was drafted into this activity by simply being there in its second half. Pulled in by the alluring vortex that is Boxercise. Soon, I was wearing gloves like them, unable to text for help. I was throwing punches, which is something I thought I would be able to do, but turns out punching is very different to how I imagined it and suffice it to say, I discovered that my footwork is and has always been terrible.

I conducted the club with Olympus boarder Rayan, who can be seen on the far left in the photograph below, which is the only proof to me that he was in fact there as at all other times, he was a blur of boxing gloves and squeaking trainers. Unlike me, who people mistook as a recording of someone flailing their arms and stumbling around, being played in slow motion.

Rayan, Mr. James, Alana, Myself and Miss Maria-Sofia square off for the camera.


It looks like we’re much bigger here, but we are just closer to the camera.

We don’t know how you get your exercise, but don’t hesitate to go and get it. It’s good for you and I assure you, it’s at least partially survivable.

Wishing you all the best from the Olympus Boarding House!

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