A goodbye to our G12s with some splash of colour!

As the school year comes to a close, we wanted to give our graduating students a send-off they would never forget. To commemorate their time in the boarding house and celebrate their accomplishments, we organized an exhilarating paintball match. This fun and spirited event was designed to foster camaraderie, create lasting memories, and give everyone a chance to let loose and enjoy themselves.

We divided everyone into four teams, mixing students and staff to encourage teamwork and interaction. Each team played against the others in a series of matches filled with laughter, strategy, and friendly competition. The day was marked by shouts of excitement, high-fives, and group photos with splashes of paint. The bonds between students and staff grew stronger as we shared this joyous experience.

To our graduating students: we wish you all the best and hope you carry these memories with you. Thank you for the great times, and remember, you’ll always have a home here with us.

Last weekend before graduation!

With the stress from the finals of the G12 leaving, but the exams for the rest of the students being right around the corner, another weekend came. The students still did their activities like usual climbing, cooking, and boxing while others thanks to the good weather decided to go for Wakeboarding and enjoy the sunny Lake Leman.

For some, this was the last time doing their favorite activities with their friends, so it was an emotional weekend as well. We also decided to give for this last weekend a gift to our leavers and did a much-requested house activity, which will be featured in the next post.

Olympus Fun : Exhilarating weekend at CDL

After a full weekend of exams, the Olympus Boarders had a chance to relax and participate in the numerous activities taking this place on this new boarding weekend.
In a sunny environment of camaraderie and good times, the students were able to take part in height challenging Climbing Circuits, intensive exchanges in Tennis, spirited and cohesive Handball games and calming Pilates sessions. Our Boarders had also the opportunity to take part in special activities this weekend, such as the exhilarating attractions in Luna Park, the fascinating spectacle of the Gonet Geneva Tennis Open and the Boarding trip to Porto. All these activities offered the perfect set of fun and excitement our boarders needed to prepare for a new week at CDL.

Dinner delight : A successful House Dinner at Olympus.

This Thursday was yet another opportunity for our Olympus Boarders to gather around a successful House Dinner. After their school day and numerous extracurricular activities, the students were able to assemble at the Boarding House and savour a delicious Lasagna with Salad. After eating their main course in an environment of camaraderie, the students were able to end their meal with a delightful Tiramisu desert. The House Dinner set the perfect convivial environment to start the evening.


CDL Weekends : The Olympus Boarders enjoy the long weekend before the Final Exams

This long weekend was a big chance for our Olympus Boarders to regain their energy and maintain their studying rhythm for the upcoming exams. While some decided to visit their families a lot chose to stay in the house and spend time with their friends taking part in our amazing activities. Their experiences made for a fun and relaxing environment. From new activities to regular weekend activities, they were able to choose from a diverse selection of choices.

Chess, climbing, and pilates among many others. A day trip to Annecy and the weekend trip to Venice sure made for some amazing fun in wonderful backgrounds.

Wellbeing Programme: Pillar 5

Making Safe and Responsible Choices: Pillar 5 of Our Wellbeing Program

At CDL, our commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy environment for our students extends through our comprehensive wellbeing program. This month, we’re focusing on Pillar 5: “Making Safe and Responsible Choices.” This pillar is crucial as it encourages our students to cultivate resilience and sound decision-making skills, especially when faced with challenging circumstances.

The two take away points we will be focusing on are;

Understanding How Peer Pressure Can Affect Our Decisions

Peer pressure is a powerful force, particularly during school years. It can influence various aspects of our lives, from the clothes we wear to the choices we make. Understanding this influence is the first step toward making safe and responsible decisions.

It’s important for our students to recognise that peer pressure can manifest in both positive and negative ways. Positive peer pressure includes being encouraged by friends to study or participate in healthy activities. However, negative peer pressure can lead to risky behaviours or decisions that don’t align with personal values or the school’s standards.

How Can I Help Myself and Others When Making a Tough Decision?

Making tough decisions is a part of life, but you don’t have to face them alone. Helping oneself and others through difficult choices is about creating a supportive network and developing critical thinking skills.

An example is the STOP, THINK, ACT model:

  • STOP: Pause for a moment. Do not rush into a decision.
  • THINK: Consider the consequences and reflect on your values and the impact of your choice.
  • ACT: Make a decision that you feel is right, after thoughtful consideration.

We also emphasise the importance of seeking advice. Students are encouraged to talk to trusted adults, such as us, teachers and school counsellors, or even peers who they believe have good judgment. By fostering an open environment, we make it easier for students to seek help and advice without fear of judgment.

This Pillar is being led by Mr Manu, supported by a team of students in which Jamil is representing Olympus.

CDL Weekends : The Olympus Boarders prepare for the Final Sprint.

This new CDL weekend was an opportunity for our Olympus Boarders to regain their energy and maintain their studying rhythm for the upcoming exams. They were able to participate in various activities giving them the chance to experience a fun and relaxing environment with their friends. From new activities to the regular weekend activities, they were able to choose from a diverse selection of choices.

Our Boarders were able to take part in intense Tennis matches, exhilarating Climbing circuits, creative Cooking courses, relaxing Pilates exercises and air freshening Golf sessions. In an environment of entertainment and conviviality, the students were able to experience a fun weekend, giving them the chance to reconnect and prepare for the final sprint of the school year.