A lovely week at Villa Saint Loup

Life is lovely here, spending our evenings sharing, and being creative.

It is not that hard when the house is full of kind, talented girls.

We leave you with a few moments from this week that made us feel cozy and happy.

Home is where there are smiles, and Saint Loup is definitely home.

The Saint Loup Team ❤️


Global Citizenship

We all had a beautiful way of expressing our understanding around Global Citizenship. Our common ground was that

we are all equal and we should live life with understanding, inclusivity and respect towards all living things and our planet. We are a global community striving for a better world!




The Saint Loup team ❤️

House Assembly for the Saint Loup Team

Here we are joining forces once again this Wednesday to discuss all the exciting new things happening!

Our new Climbing Club, Ski Club, Esports Club and our Book Reading Challenge are about to begin and we are ready for it! We also got together to practice our French with our weekly mini French course. This week we learned phrases that have to do with catching a cold. We made sure to eat a few oranges while doing that!

We also had a lovely discussion on our Pillar 3 about  International friendships and addressing microaggressions. Stressing the importance of respecting each other, celebrate our differences and be considerate of everyone`s feelings including being aware of our own.



We wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!

The Saint Loup Team ❤️

Who said Mondays can’t be fun?

Everyone is now back and the house is warm and full of life! The weather is getting colder and a little homemade chocolate goodness goes a long way! Especially when the whole house smells amazing and we need some extra energy!


Mondays can be fun and yummy! 2024 here we come!!!

The Saint Loup team ❤️

Happy Holidays from Saint Loup 4!

We like to think that the Secret Santa signals the beginning of our holidays, so only a few days before the break, the girls exchanged small gifts and hugs.

Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope this is only the start of the best holidays ever!

All our love to the families and friends along with our warmest wishes

The Saint Loup team ❤️

Fête de l’Escalade at Saint Loup!

The Fête de l’Escalade is an opportunity to remember the history of Geneva but also a time for togetherness. For this reason, we got together and Samira and Etoile, and Kseniia and Sofiya, our youngest and oldest girls in the houses as tradition dictates, broke the Marmite with their soup spoons!


As you can imagine, we did not stop until we ate all of the chocolate and marzipan vegetables while reading the history of the Escalade that goes back to 1602!

Happy Escalade!

The Saint Loup team ❤️

Saint Loup at the Montreux Christmas Market!

What a fantastic weekend for our Saint Loup girls!

We spent our Saturday afternoon at the Montreux Christmas market- It was so busy and festive!

There were many little shops with local produce, ornaments and food. The girls had fun watching Papa Noel come in from the lake and enjoyed a nice dinner and walks around the lovely town.

The holiday season is definitely here!

Saint Loup Team ❤

Another great weekend at CDL!

Another weekend is slowly coming to an end. We had so much fun at our weekend activities! We also got to do some community service around our area. It is really important to take care of our surroundings as much as ourselves and anyone who needs it.

We are ready for the week ahead!

Here are a few pictures:


The Saint Loup team ❤

Sleep Better Challenge is on!

Today we talked about Pillar 1 of the Well-being Project and Etoile who is our representative for Saint Loup presented us with all the wonderful options for better sleep!

Each girl chose one of the tips below so this week we aim for a good night`s rest, and a positive morning mood!

What will you try out before bed?

The Saint Loup team ❤