We are missing our pets !😿

Today, I wanted to talk about something really important for all of us. Something that we all have in common in Saint Loup 9 house :

🐾        🐾      🐾      🐾       OUR PETS !!       🐾      🐾      🐾      🐾

We have to admit one thing: it’s not just our animals. For us, they are just like human beings, part of our family in the same way as a little brother or sister. We can talk to them, they can understand us, and let’s say that they can even answer !

We LOVE them and they love us back. Our relationship with them is special because we know they will never hurt us, it is only love and cuddles. We could watch them play or sleep all day long ! So yes… we do miss our cats and dogs. 😭

Although we can still see them by videocalls, we cannot hug them, which is a HUGE frustration.

But I have a GOOD NEWS : in less than a week, we will be able to give them passionate hugs and kisses !

The holidays are approaching and we can’t wait to get back to our families (which includes our adorable pets) to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

We woof you a meowy Christmas ! 🐶😽

Pictures are all we have when we are away from them, so enjoy these wonderful photos of the Winx girls with their “children”🧚‍♀️

Kseniia 💙                                            Fields 💜


Bruna ❤️                                                 Haruka 🩷


Sofiya 💛                                              Akmaral 💚

Miss Maria 🤍                                        Miss Lina 🖤

Saint Loup 9 ❤️

🤶Time to open secret Santa’ presents ! 🎁

The girls of Saint Loup 9 decided to do a Secret Santa this year!

Even Maria and Lina, the house parents, joined in, and it was MAGIC.

We all did our best to find the perfect gift for the girl we had to give a present to. Between candles, pyjamas, Christmas socks, jewelry… etc. It was a warm and loving moment, and we will always remember it.

We wish you all the best, girls ❤️

Merry Christmas and lots of love!

A bientôt !

Saint Loup 9 ❤️

Gingerbread House competition 🥄🎀

At Collège du Léman, we love creativity !

With the festive season just around the corner, we launched a gingerbread house competition.

Our queen of creativity at Saint Loup 9 is Bruna👑. She is always the first one to participate, especially when it comes to creativity.

We decided to honor all the girls from the house, Switzerland and our beloved Collège du Léman to make this wonderful house.Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.1)

Its creation required a great deal of patience and attention to detail, but look how beautiful it is !

Com muito amor ! Beijos 😽

Saint Loup 9 ❤️

🍰 Baking competition🏅

On Sunday we had this AMAZING cake competition. All the houses gave their best, and we were able to discover cakes each more beautiful than the last!
Although the Pavlova from the Villa du Lac girls stood out for its unbelievable delicacy, our houses didn’t fall short as we finished in the top 5 !🏆


The Saint Loup 4 girls chose to make a magnificent chocolate, coffee and strawberry cake. Congratulations to Choetsho, who gave her all for this sublime cake. 🍫☕🍓

The girls from Saint Loup 9 chose to make a lemon cake with a magnificent Christmas decoration. Congratulations to Haruka and Bruna for this magnificent decoration ! ❄️🍋☃️

A bientôt !

The Saint Loup Team ❤️

Who said we cannot have fun if we don’t go to Europa-Park ? 💃

As usual, this weekend was full of different activities 🌸

First, Sofiya took a cooking class. She prepared delicious meatballs with semolina 🍴🍛 Look how proud she is !

Then Akmaral played tennis and, as you can see, she was very focused! She’s getting better and better 🎾

After these first two weeks back to school, Etoile decided to relax this weekend by stretching 🧘‍♀️

A bientôt !

The Saint Loup Team ❤️

Europa-Park trip ! 🎢🎡

Good evening everyone !

Fields, Bruna and Kseniia have just returned from their wonderful weekend at Europe’s biggest amusement park in Germany  Google (Noto Color Emoji - Unicode 15.0)

They had so much fun together and with their friends from other houses. They came back with their heads full of memories and are ready to face the week ahead. 💪

They also came back with two new friends! We are now 9 at Villa Saint Loup 9 😂

A bientôt !

The Saint Loup Team ❤️

Getting ready for Halloween 👻

What a lovely evening we had !

We decided to make Halloween cakes, but ended up making a mix of Christmas and Halloween cakes 🎃🎄It looks good doesn’t it ?

We had a really great time together, even if Kseniia did cut her finger 🤪 (No worry, it’s only colorant!)

Happy Halloween to everyone !!


Much love,

Saint Loup Team ❤️

The last Weekend before October break 😎

The beginning of the year has been full of adventures, novelties and studies !

We’ve had a great time together at home, at school and at the various activities the girls have taken part in.

They now have a well-deserved break during the October vacations. But before that, they still have a short week of classes, where we are sure they will give it their all. 💪🌸








A bientôt,

Saint loup team ❤️