Cozy and busy weekend

The first weekend of December has brought us the first snowflakes of the season. Although it didn’t snow much and didn’t stay on the floor, we could see it brought excitement to our girls’ eyes.

As we also started the countdown for the holidays to go back home, the girls wanted to make sure they were taking advantage of the few weeks they had left before the end of the semester.

Bruna and Sofiya are becoming regulars in our cooking club. This Saturday, they baked holiday season-themed cookies and decorated them. It’s not because our girls made them, but they were delicious. On the same day, Akmaral woke up early to exercise and play some Tennis.

But the big day arrived on Sunday. Back in October, Fields signed up for the Course de l’Escalade and today was THE day. She was ready: backpack, triple shirt, double pants, big jacket, hat… the cold didn’t stop her from running 2.3 kilometers in the beautiful city of Geneva.
Haruka went with her New Portena friends to the Christmas Market in Montreux. As you can see in the pictures, they had fun and enjoyed the lovely views of the lake and the mountains.


Winter Festive Concert

Last night we had the chance to attend the first, of hopefully many more, Winter Festive concert for Boarders organized by Mr. Roger, House Parent in LΓ©man. Our boarding community is full of brilliant students with plenty of talent and we want to make sure they have a platform to develop their skills with us.

Plenty of boarders came to support their friends and enjoy a great show where we were asked to sign along to the songs and have fun with the musicians.

Among all the performances, our dear Akmaral was one of the stars. She, accompanied by Adi on the guitar and Mr. Roger on the piano, sang Snowman by SIA.

Wellbeing Pillar 2. Talking about disabilities

This week for our wellbeing pillar we changed topics and we focused on disability. With this topic, the group of advocates for this pillar wanted to make the rest of the students reflect on the concept of disability and to look around the houses and identify potential barriers that a housemate with a disability might encounter.

For this, they created a QR code where students could submit their answers and reflect on how we, as a community, can make a difference to help others.

What would you improve about the boarding house for a housemate with a disability?

The Saint Loup team

It’s beginning to look a lot like… πŸŽ„πŸŽ

As the festive season is approaching, Miss Maria went on a brave quest to decorate the house for the holiday season. The task was not easy as it was going to be the first decorations the house would have and she wanted to live up to the girls’ expectations.

Fortunately, our lovely girls had a blast decorating the house. Music was up, and the festivity mood was on. Laughter was guaranteed and they all went to bed with a big smile on their face.

Relaxing long weekend πŸŽΎπŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ«

This weekend our Campus was quieter than usual, as many kids went back home for the long weekend or joined the Boarding trip to Copenhagen. In Saint Loup, some of our girls stayed and enjoyed a calm weekend participating in their activities.

Sofiya’s passion for food is starting to grow on her, and she decided to go back to Cooking lessons where she learned how to make a delicious Coco and Mango crumble. But that’s not it, in the evening she invited her friend Emma to our home and together they cooked some homemade tomato sauce for their pasta. The smell was from another world 🀀

Akmaral woke up on Saturday with plenty of energy to play some Tennis with her border fellows despite the cold weather πŸ₯Ά while Fields attended body-shaping on Sunday to make sure she is in shape for her next challenge (we don’t want to spoil anything, but she’s going to be in a rush pretty soon).

Choestso was captivated by one of the new clubs and decided to attend the History Club as she is passionate about Greek History and Mythology and, since the teacher is Greek, she has plenty of opportunities to ask him interesting questions.

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Gift Box wrapping 🎁

Today marked one of the most eagerly awaited days for our boarder: the gift box wrapping. A few days ago our boarders donated money to help bring joy and happiness to hundreds of kids in Eastern Europe. This is always one of the most awaited events in our community, as it allows our students to gather together for a good cause.

Haruka and her friends helped organize and buy all the items that were necessary to complete these boxes and Bruna participated in the wrapping today.

As you can see in the video, a few of our boarders reunited to help wrap all the gifts, make sure each box had the necessary elements, and, even more importantly, write a personalized letter to put inside each box.


To conclude with Respect Week at CDL, we asked Bruna, one of our Senior students in the house, to explain to us what the word “respect” means to her.

Respect. The act of respecting is one of the most profound displays of empathy an individual can have towards others and the environment. It extends to different cultures, customs, decisions, and even the environment you find yourself in, revealing its essential role in building a harmonious society. While seemingly simple, unfortunately, many people still struggle to respect the diverse realities beyond their own experiences. I emphasize the importance of opening the mind and seeing the world through empathetic eyes, understanding the rich tapestry of diverse personalities and opinions that shape our collective journey.

Recognizing and appreciating the world’s diversity not only fosters understanding but also enriches our interconnected society. In a world where people think and live differently, acknowledging and valuing these differences becomes a source of beauty and strength. The varied realities of the world are not only something to be celebrated but also serve as a fundamental support for a more vibrant and tolerant global community.

Bruna will be graduating from CDL in June; we are very proud to know she will take with her the CDL RISE values that she has been learning and acknowledging during her years with us.

Cozy Sunday πŸͺ

Sundays are usually a quiet day. The girls like to get ready for Monday, do homework, and study for tests. But today is a different kind of Sunday as tomorrow they have no class. The house has been quiet for the whole day, as the girls have been taking it easy today.

As a motivation for the summatives coming soon, we decided to surprise them by baking some chocolate cookies!

Sofiya was the first one to try them and she said they tasted very good 🀩

The Saint Loup team

Dinner in the house 🏑🍽️

Tonight, as we do once per month, we reunited on our interior terrace to enjoy a delicious Spanish-inspired dinner. We had Paella with chicken, Bruschetta with tomato, and some traditional madeleines. At the end of the meal, we discussed the best breakfast options and why eating Nutella in the morning is a weird choice.

Fields arrived a bit later as she had her piano lessons in school, but we were having so much fun that we completly forgot to take a second picture πŸ˜₯

Until next Dinner in the house ❀️