A good Sleep #WellbeingTuesdays

This week we have discussed the importance of sleeping well. We started taking a questionaire about our routines and the scores showed that almost all of us should improve the cuantity and quality of sleep!

The disccussion after was interesting. Everybody shared the reasons that can make us go late to bed: social media, homework, stress, etc.. and we compared them with the one’s from the teens of the following video

Finally, after expolring ways to improve our sleep, we took a challenge …No phones or computers in our beedroom during the night. How was it?… Some of them read a book, others were chatting before bedtime but all of us saw that is possible to disconnect earlier from our phones and find ways to get better rest 🙂

Thank you girls. It was great to hear your ideas!

Meditation #WellbeingTuesdays

In our third session we have talked about meditation and the ways we quiet our mind down.

We have also listened to a guided meditation podcast. The theme was accepting change.  As a senior high students there are many changes to be faced and sometimes we have desperately tried to prevent and stop change from happening.
Instead of resisting, it is better to allow change to unfold and try to understand what’s transforming and why.

The girls enjoyed of this calmed session and took some time after to relax before coming back to study.

Thank you girls for your ideas and your willingness to participate 🙂


A glorious sports day!

Villa Terray girls did their very best along with the boys of Concha and the girls of Louis Yung 7 team. It was a terrfic afternoon where they battled it out across a whole field events, including badmintong shooting, tug of war, three legs race, ping pong race, keep the ball up and basket.

Thank you girls for your energy!

Furry Friends 🐶

This week we had the visit of Yuna, a very friendly Yorkshire terrier. The girls were playing with her and enjoying of her sweet company.

No long after….. Olivia was walking our neighbour Dixie, a cute cocker spaniel.  They went for a stroll and came back very cheerful after their first walk  together 🙂