Well-Being 2nd Pillar

After our October Break, we started the Second Pillar of our Wellbeing Programme, focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity. 

Through the next seven weeks, we will be asking students to explore an area of interest relating to this pillar through a podcast or other research area. We will be asking them to take note of their thoughts and feelings. The aim of this experience is to have a lasting impact on how the students view diversity or bullying. 

Tonight, during our weekly house assembly, we discussed what bullying is, what bullying includes, and how to deal with bullying at school.  Furthermore, and as we did in our First Pillar, students will think about an individual and a community project to carry out during this period, until the Christmas Break.

Thank you to our House Representative Kateryna and to our House Captain, Louise for your support


First Virtual University Fair at Collège du Léman

Today, we had the pleasure of hosting our first virtual university fair with the Council of International Schools for Grade 11 and 12, Première and Terminale. Students had the opportunity to interact with more than 20 prestigious universities from 8 countries around the world!

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October Break Snack

To say goodbye for the October Break in a proper way, we had creps, ice-cream and fruit for a snack on Friday before everyone would leave!

We wish you all a great break, get all your energy back, charge your batteries and don’t forget to take care fo yourself and the others around you!

We will be waiting for you all with a warm welcoming 🙂