Diversity and bullying and mug cakes- What do they have in common?

Here is a smiley “Cupcake mug” to cheer up your tummy 🙂 But what does it have to do with Diversity? Let me start…

The discussion was; How do you bake cakes back in your country? As we all know, east Asian food, for example, doesn’t have cheese or dairy as much as other parts of the globe. It was only in the late ’90s that it started being advertised. Knowing that the question arose; So you guys didn’t have cakes, oh my god!? And a nice discussion about diversity and cakes started.

All that led us to understand the importance of a diverse community and how each one of their educational experience can be enriched by living among people from a variety of backgrounds. Here, we embrace our similarities and celebrate our differences.

We discussed the importance of supporting each other to be their most authentic self and accepting these of others will propel them to thrive in their relationships, work, and life-long learning in the future. Being in a multicultural and diverse school teaches students cultural competency in real-time, how to engage in spaces and with other students and adults from different backgrounds than their own. It helps them learn how to understand the social and emotional reactions and experiences of their peers, often unlike their own.

Of course, we did all that munching on our cake mugs, that for instance didn’t have any milk and yet, tasted just like it did! Once again we proved that being different is not bad, only it was from a different point of view 🙂


Samedi du Partage- Diana’s Wellbeing community project

Our super Diana chose to take part in a very nice project for the 2° Pillar of the Wellbeing community project.

This project is called Samedi du partage. It consists of volunteers talking to people that come to the supermarket to do their shopping, asking them to donate food and other hygiene products. This great event is so important for the entire Geneva social network which supports people in difficulty.

Thank you very much Diana for the initiative, CDL, and all the students involved. As we say,

” In a world that you can be anything, be kind!”




Well-Being Assembly, Meditation Challenge

We are sure that some of us might be experiencing different feelings due to this extraordinary situation. We are experiencing a pandemic. It is normal to feel overwhelmed with emotions. Sometimes we feel sad, scared, and a bit worried. But there is a way to avoid falling into a sad spiral.

During our weekly assembly, the tip to take care of our mental health was practicing mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness meditation can bring to our girls, clarity and calm. It’s a practice that encourages them to be present, acknowledge their emotions, and let it go. And it’s all grounded by breathing.

The regular practice of it will help them to be less overwhelmed with all the emotions triggered by the pandemic. It will remind them all feelings are normal and it’s okay. And eventually, what they’re feeling will end.”



Well-Being. Presentations of the 2nd Pillar Individual Projects

During our boarding assembly, all of our girls made an excellent presentation of their individual projects for this Second Pillar focused on Protecting against Bullying and Respecting Diversity.
Well done girls !!
Lia Presentation: International Cooperation
Alina Presentation: Bullying
Lou Lou Presentation: Internationalism
Diana Presentation: Bullying
Katia Presentation: Internationalism at CDL
Isabella Presentation: Peer Pressure
Jessica Paper-Cutting. Chinese Tradition
Maeva Presentation: Respecting Diversity
Kateryna Presentation: Cultures