Well-being Pillar 4. Online Safety . Online Life vs Real Life

In today’s well-being session, we focused on Online Well-being. Firstly we began by discussing this takeaway point : Online life vs Real Life. Are you conscious of how much time you spend on your phone? and Who really wins by you spending more and more time on your apps?. Furthermore, our advocate Ana Sofia presented to the girls The Phone Detox Challenge. This could be a a really interesting project for some of our students as we aim to pose the question to them – just how obsessed are you with your phone.



Happy International Women’s Day

Today we are celebrating women all over the world and within our Nord Anglia community of schools. Magnolia, Maria Luiza, Sabine, Maria Clara, Bozhena, Sofia, Amanda, Bianka, Dalaa and Ana Sofia,  GO AHEAD !! And thank you to Mr Usher, Mrs Salamin, Mr  Salva and Mrs Lucelia for the chocolates and roses.