Happy Birthday Jinwoo!

Today we had the pleasure of celebrating a Grade 10 birthday – Happy Birthday Jinwoo!

A brilliant handmade card by our creative wizard Mr Jakbo, questionable yet enthusiastic singing from the house and a delicious chocolate to round it off.

Brownies and Black Outs

With all the time that comes with a day, it’s difficult to not only figure out how to use all of it, let alone how to use it well.

Over this Wellbeing Pillar of healthy mind healthy body, many of the students have been providing responses of their own to the dilemma that comes with what the right choices are in keeping a schedule of sleep that serves us best.

Iyowuna has chosen his preferred medium of art to respond to our meetings to create a personal project:

Above, Iyowuna has chosen to depict two male figures who contrast each other by the obvious choice of healthy sleeping habits. The one on the left can be seen spending time on his computer at night when he should be resting and can also be seen paying for it dearly as he is irritable and tired during the waking hours. The other, who spends his nights getting rest, it content and inspired when he is awake.  A cautionary tale as well as an inspiring one.

Below, we have Jinwoo Jung’s sleep experiment of his own design where he tracked his energy related to how much sleep he got throughout the week. And we can clearly see the benefits of getting enough sleep during the academic week.

Sleep gives us enough energy the following day to pursue our passions to the fullest! And there’s no passion more rewarding or intense as culinary combat, in which we can witness Boris engaged in during the C.D.L bake-off.

Delicious! Though these brownies did not win Olyumpus the Bake-Off crown, they satisfied our hunger nonetheless. Thank you Boris!

And thank ‘you’ for keeping up with the newest goings-on at Olympus Boarding House.

Wishing you all the best this October 6th

Charity food collection for Afghanistan

The boys in the House have this weekend started to collect food to be sent to some of the refugees that have been displaced during the recent shift in power in Afghanistan.

The boys have been filling the box over the weekend and will continue for the coming weeks to get as much as possible to be sent.


♟️ Chess Boarding Champion 👑

So glad to see this boys exited and nervous before the game. Then, so quiet and focused. Big thanks to Mr. Miguel for organizing the Chess tournament at the Olympus boarding house. Congrats to the boys for making it to the final! Well done Nikita, Boarding Chess ♟️  Champion 👑!

Mr Jacob Wrapping up wellbeing pillar 1!

Mr Jacob used this evening to speak to the Grade 10 boys and for them to showcase some of the project they had done, during the first pillar of the wellbeing program.

Kevin has used this pillar to try to monitor his water consumption over the last 4 weeks, keeping a diary of how much water he drank a day.

Weekend 24th – 25th

If there’s a theme I can think of to define this weekend, it would be memory.

So many of us, staff and students alike can get wrapped up in the busy week and sometimes perform the incredible feat of forgetting how to have fun. It happens to everyone. We get so busy with work that when someone tells us it’s time to relax, we hardly know what to do with ourselves.

Below, our boy Maximilian has all the enthusiasm to make it to the gym, but can be seen here doing what can only be watching an instructional video on the machine he is about to use.  But working out and exercise are a good way of getting ones mind off the present moment in a productive way.

Others are a little more experienced with their pass-times and look to practise things they are already familiar with in order to relax. Below, Richard and David can be seen at the cooking club, producing cupcakes.

Despite some heavy rain, the greens were open for business, and Kirill, Boris and Azamat took to the driving range to find some solace in sending some balls down range.


And above, Nihad revived efforts from last year in cycling to Geneva and back, while taking us along for the ride this Sunday!

It can be difficult to let go of the momentum of the week. So sometimes it takes some effort to relax. A slight paradox, but the truth none the same. And we at Olympus are revitalised for another wonderful week on campus.

All the best from Olympus Boarding House



🍂 Happy Mid Autumn Festival 🌕

Today we celebrated with our Chinese community the Mid Autumn Festival. Kaiwen brought a traditional Moon Cake and he shared with the rest of the boys. After dinner we could also try other varieties.

Social hour was also time to plan and attack. On the picture we can see James and Nikita taking part on the Chess Tournament.

Lastly, before bed time, the football team members gathered to speak about tomorrow’s game.

Wellness: Mindfulness and True Relaxation

The thing that separates the good schools from the great, is about how well they understand that what they teach, doesn’t just lie in the academic. For as high as our academic standards at C.D.L are and how hard our students work; what we pride ourselves on is an education that can prepare for when life truly begins.

And much like the academic, the basics is where it all comes together. Because maintaining a healthy body and mind doesn’t require much creativity. But it does require routine. Simple maintenance in the most obvious areas. Getting enough sleep. Eating well. Reducing time spend between them and electronics. And it’s easy to forget that. So at C.D.L, in our Wellness sessions we bring our boys at Olympus together to remind them about those healthy basics and getting them involved in revitalising their interest in them.

Featured below is a photograph of our C.D.L counsellor Jody supervising a mindfulness exercise.

The point of the exercise echoes what the point of the whole Wellness program is, to remind our boys of the most basic of things and take control of them.

The session Jody conducted was very similar to meditation. Our boys were asked to relax and to become as aware as they can of their bodies, guided through it by Jody. Eyes closed, they take a sensory journey from the top of their heads, all the way down their nerves, to the tips of their fingers and toes. To become aware of their breathing and their pulse.

The regular function of our bodies can so often become background noise to our busy daily activities, it’s valuable to revisit them. To be in control of our breathing and know how we’re actually feeling. And most of the time, it’s tired. And a lot of exhaustion can come from being stuck in ones head. But remembering to inhabit our bodies as a whole, can relax us and tell us the whole story about how we’re feeling.

Over this year, we will be revisiting many exercises in Wellness to teach our boys about the simple maintenance they can take care of to get better sleep and be more aware of what they need.

We hope that you all out there are taking the time to listen to your bodies as well and get the rest and relaxation that you need, as well.

Best wishes, from the Olympus Boarding Team.