Iyowuna takes the win in the CDL fitness challenge.

We have a challenge for month, and we have been set a fitness Calendar to try and attempt each day. Arsenii has been hitting them hard this week, and tonight it was the turn of Mr Tom, Iluwona, Hamza and Nico to sprint 100m.



The team in full sprint….. Iyuwuna takes a convincing lead, but the photo doest show the 2 seconds head start he took. it was then a close race between Mr Tom and Nico for 2nd. Hamza putting in a solid effort to come 4th.

Wellbeing evening for G11 & G10

Tonight the Grade 11&10 boys sat down and discussed the main topic for this week which was consequences as part of the Pillar 5; Making Safe and Responsible Choices.

The Grade 11 boys with Mr.Xavier.


The Grade 10 boys with Mr.Ronan



Weekend celebrations :)

This weekend we have had a few special events to celebrate. Our G9 have been awarded as they won the Monthly house competition. Winning the house competition you know what it means: PIZZA !

Secondly, our beloved Nihad wanted to celebrate a bit in advance his birthday this weekend with his friends. He organised a lovely BBQ at the garden in Concha. Happy (in advance) Bday Nico ! but… 6th may the official one 😉


Visit to Cailler Museum & Gruyères

Finally  !! After so long waiting for it… our boarders could enjoy the trip to one of the many “Wonderland” we have in Switzerland.

This time our boarders went to visit the <<Cailler Museum and Chocolate Factory >> . As part of the Lake activity program that CDL offers to its boarders. Our boys  were able to learn about the elaboration process of one of the most emblematic Swiss products and … of course to taste it !

After this visit, the group had the possibility to enjoy free time in the beautiful city of Gruyeres, where the most iconic Swiss Cheese has its origin .


House Meeting and Wellbeing discussion

Wednesday night is meeting night. Tonight we discussed different upcoming topics for the week ahead. We also spoke about the fitness challenge that will be happening for the month of May.

Here is the challenges that are set for the students who would like to take part. It is a different challenge for each day. It is a fun way to stay active and is great for the wellbeing of our students.

As part of the Wellbeing Pillar 5; Making safe and responsible choices, tonight we watched a short video that discussed the changes that happens when going through the process of being an adolescence.

Iyowuna received boarder of the week for this week.

A food truck came to visit campus today to spoil us with some delicious burritos to the whole of boarding. It is fair to say they went down a treat!!

The sun is back and the boys have been out enjoying the fresh air

Tony enjoyed a Saturday morning ride where he done 10km through the woods in Versoix

Iyowuna in the middle of a field of rapeseed capturing some extremely nice photos!!!

One of the photos Iyowuna captured of a bee buzzing off the pollen!!

Another of a Bee in mid flight

Ilya enjoyed some sets in the dome this weekend where he worked on his forehand technique of striking the ball

Boarding Assembly and the introduction of Wellbeing Pillar 5

Mr.Usher welcoming everyone back after a nice break before facing into the last stretch before summer holidays.

Tonight we introduced Wellbeing Pillar 5: Making Safe and Responsible Choices. For this pillar we will discuss many different topics and try give some guidance to the boys in making safe and responsible decisions.

Tony out taking advantage of the bright evenings with temperatures on a rise shooting basketball.

The sunset is on Olympus for another day.