Homecoming at Collège du Léman! 2021

Not a second too soon, the Academic year has begun once again! And with that, Olympus Boarding House has opened its doors to many new and exciting faces, as well as many familiar ones. It doesn’t need to be said that we’re elated to welcome the boys once again into our care for a tremendous school year filled with relief as so many things that weren’t possible before, have come into our grasp once again as we weather the pandemic. Options for adventure are cautiously opened once again for everyone at Olympus House as well as the Collège du Léman as a whole. And we at Olympus couldn’t be more excited!

To celebrate the homecoming to C.D.L we opened the doors of the dining hall to the students to reveal a truly Swiss welcome experience with Rosti aplenty. All draped in the colours of CDL’s host nation:


After a hearty meal of Swiss cuisine preceded by a welcome speech by C.D.L’s own Justin Usher, the homecoming could finally come home to Olympus. And all of us at Olympus closed out the day early to bed, to prepare for the amazing year ahead of all of us.

Welcome Home!

Happy Holidays !

On behalf of the Olympus Team and all the Community of Collège du Léman we would like to wish to all you a great summer. It has been a great year. Get all the rest you deserve and enjoy the time together with your families.

Mr. Tom, Mr. Xavier, Mr. Ronan, Mr. Jaime

Lake Fun & End of Year Party

This weekend we had a really nice weather. We could enjoy many different activities on the lake as : banana boat, kayaking, paddle among others…

We have also celebrated the End of Year party at Concha where we could enjoy many different games and have a great time in the pool.

🏔️🚲 ⚡ Olympus Goes To The Mountain 🌲🧗🏻‍♂️🌳

We started the day with a little but beautiful hike to approach the High Ropes Park

The park was full of challenges but Ryu, Hanwen, Aoto and Boris feel very comfortable on the heights

Michel also loved zip lining from tree to tree.

After lunch we took an E-Bike tour from the Village of Champery (1000m) with a professional guide.

Riding up hill with these “toys” was much easier and enjoyable.

We did some stops for water and pictures. Here we have climbed already 500m.

Reaching the summit seems effortless for the fitness of Aoto and the support of the E-bike.

Overall we climbed 900 and the view and fresh air up there was amazing. Les Crossets looks very different since we came back to ski in winter.

Boris has shown his previous trial skills on the single track routes. Bravo Boris!

Ryu has improved a lot during the day. These boy definitely loves challenges.

One of the last downhill tracks before reaching the bottom again.

More than 25 km, lots of laughs, challenges and no injuries was the summary of last Saturday. Worth it to wake up at 7:00am.

Iyowuna and his guitar

On Saturday Iyowuna brought his guitar down to the lake to play and sing with Mason from Champ des Bois

Iyowuna finding some inspiration while looking at the lake down the lake towards Montreux where the Jazz festival is held in Switzerland

Mason and Iyowuna after skimming stones and having a nice chat

What an Achievement!!

Coach Pierre, Arsneii sister Yustyna, Arsneii and Mr.Rob full of smiles and emotions after finishing the Marathon in an amazing time!!

Coach Jamie, Mr.Tom and Mr.Moorse coming in after completing their 165km cycle in amazing time!!

Smiles all around from all participants!! Arsneii received a trophy to mark the day of completing his first marathon along with organising such an amazing challenge for Charity. We are all extremely proud of what Arsneii has accomplished today. Only 6 months ago Arsneii completed his first 5km. He has proven that commitment, hard work, determination and working towards a goal pays off!! 

The distance and time for the runners. Well done once again! What an amazing run!!

The distance and time for the cyclists. Well done once again! What an amazing ride!!