Chess Tournament continue at Olympus

We have had the wonderful representation in the chess tournament of Nikolai and Nikita. They were both focused and managed to get through to the next round.

Congratulations to both of them and good luck for the next round!

Kostas and Eugenio smiling 

Kostas and Eugenio focus on the game

Nikita and Liam focus on their game

End of Nikita and Liam chess match



Weekend Fun

Nikita and Azamat lining up their shot.

Nikita took part in a Volleyball Tournament on Saturday. Here he is serving the ball.

Aleksei is back with the climbing club and enjoying each Saturday morning on the wall.

Maksim is having fun and being creative!!

Otabek got out this morning hitting a few balls at the driving range. Perfect weather for it.

Olympus Mountain Weekend

Last weekend we had our first of three Mountain Excursions. The Grade 9 and 10s went to La Tzoumaz and the Grade 11 and 12s went to Verbier. This is an excellent opportunity early in the year for the students to be able to bond and get to know each other. Both locations offer panoramic views over the mountains and a range of exciting activities. The students could choose from rock climbing, ropes course, via Ferrata, trotinete, mountain biking, multisport, hiking and so much more.


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Chess Tournament at Olympus

The first round of Chess Tournament has been celebrated at Olympus today. We were privileged to have two local representatives: Herman and Imanali.

Very well played by Imanali, congratulations to Herman for advancing to the next round.

Thanks to both of you for representing Olympus in the tournament.


Herman vs Antonio and Antoni vs Imanali.

Pillar 1- Healthy Body, Healthy Minds

Our first Pillar is Healthy Body and Healthy Minds.

This is a very broad topic which takes into consideration anything and everything that leads to our mental and physical wellbeing. In order to focus us on a particular area, Mr Rob the advocate for this pillar has challenged us first to think about;

Discovering how we can use sport and our hobbies to maintain a healthy mental balance

We all have hobbies and passions but perhaps we are not conscious of how good these can be for us. We discussed this in our House Meeting and had a presentation on the topic from Adi. He presented to the rest of the House how it is important we make time to continue our hobbies in the busy boarding life we lead. Adi likes to play the guitar and finds this both a challenge to keep his mind alert, active and learning; but it is also therapeutic and relaxing for him. He feels calmer and more relaxed after he spends 20 minutes practising and it gives him a sense of accomplishment which boosts his self-esteem.

Likewise, anyone who enjoys running, painting, juggling, judo, cooking or the 1001 other hobbies that we have will benefit from making sure we take the time to do and enjoy them!


International Dinner: Spanish Dinner

It was unexpected for Olympus guys finding Spanish dinner as the second International Dinner. At the same time, it was a wonderful surprise to find paella and crema catalana.

From which country will the next international dinner be held? Olympus team is curious and ready for the next one.


Poster of the Spanish dinner

Presentation of the dinner and specific information about the ingredients and their quantities in the dishes.

Photo of paella

Photo of crema catalana

House Competition

The highly anticipated Boarding House Competition got off to a flying start today being The Sports Competition!!!!

Well done to ALL the Olympus boys. It was fantastic to see everyone working hard as a team with smiles all round!!

Nikita was on fire scoring lots of points for the House

Nikolai and Jean participated in the musical chairs.

Temur very focused during the egg and spoon race.

Azamat also focused during the race.

Aoto nice and relaxed taking his time.

Lael was on fire scoring all of his shots during the Basketball shooting.

The boys working hard and putting in lots of effort during the tug of war!!

Weekend Fun

Christiaan enjoyed playing Beach Volleyball

Lael and Azamat joined Mr.Rob’s running club. It was a great start to Saturday morning.

Jean had a great time water-skiing. Adi was taking it all in before his turn.

One of Imanali’s photos he took during the photography activity.