Senegalicious! One people, one goal, multiple signature dishes!

Jaam nga am, everybody! Jaam rek, Yow nag?

It’s another wonderful international dinner here at CDL! And this week we have the privilege of savouring some fine Senegalese cuisine!

The flag of the placid and populous West African State of Senegal. The green representing the Colour of The Prophet as as much as 90% of the Senegalese populace is Muslim. The golden yellow in the centre is the exegesis of creativity and passion and the red is the colour of the blood and life that flows between the people of this proud country.

The formidable Coat of Arms of Senegal.

We are immensely proud to have so many guest chefs here at CDL to bring a piece of their culture to us so that we can devour it and pester them for seconds. We’ve got a hunger of knowledge and foreign cuisine, here at CDL and we haven’t been satiated yet! With a kitchen crew like this, there’s never fear of a hitch when dining our way around the world!

Food is the ultimate communal experience. Since man stoked the flames of the bonfire, cooking and eating around the hearth and hearts of a community has been one of the oldest and strongest cornerstones in human togetherness. And this meshes perfectly with CDL as the ultimate communal experience.

Another wonderful community trip around the world. About 55cm. The circumference of our dinner plates.

We hope that you take your stomach on an adventure, soon! It’s always worth it at CDL!

Pillar 4- Online Safety

This week we started Pillar 4 of our Wellbeing Programme.

Online Safety

We introduced the Pillar this week in our Monthly Assembly. Our students spend a lot of their time online whether as part of their academics, social life or indeed free time. It is therefore important we aid them with the right tools to navigate this online world just as we do in the real world. It is important they are educated not only on the benefits of technology but also on their responsibility of protecting themselves and others.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I write to you from a hospital bed. Well, not really. But it definitely feels like I should be in traction because the whiplash that I’ve gotten from how fast this semester blew by is crazy! It feels like just a week ago that I was writing a blog post about the delectable Malaysian food that was served in the cafeteria…well, actually that ‘was’ about a week ago, give or take.

The point is this. The Winter Camp is the best. And this post is going to stray a little from the formula here, because much like the winter camp itself, this post isn’t all about Olympus. It’s about so much more.

The Winter Camp is held in February and it consists of a whole week in Crans-Montana packed with activities and copious amounts of skiing. As much skiing as the human soul can handle.

The Troops, putting everyone to shame with their splendour and enthusiasm!

Where I would usually be rattling on about our fabulous boys (and they really ‘are’ the best) the Winter Camp isn’t just for boarders! It’s for the whole lot, including day-students, which is a wonderful opportunity to bring them all the bests parts of boarding at CDL. It’s also the reason that this post is going to be more about the Winter Camp as a whole. Still mainly featuring the unbeatable Olympus Boys, but also giving the spotlight to some other fabulous CDL folks!

I’m amazed that there wasn’t more altitude sickness with all the gymnastics that were put on display. Maybe I’m just jealous as I was at the foot of the mountain. Getting some sleep, sure. But look at that view.

You’ll undoubtedly recognise Crans-Montana as the same wonderful location that we take our boarders to over the ski weekends. This unbeatable locale has all your mountain-holidaying needs!

The wonderful Parc Hotel was in turn to be haunted by our rowdy bunch. Nice place. Good, sturdy furniture.

The Gang from the front.

The Gang from the back.

The Invisible People convention is in town. At a different hotel, I mean. This is just…well, this is just the dining hall.

Oh, this? It’s just the unbeatable view of the Swiss Alps.

The day hasn’t even begun and the fancy moves are already being busted out.

Kitted up and ready to Rock and also perhaps Roll, provided we have the time.

We have a very diverse selection of skill-levels and disciplines that we entertain with the Ski Camps. We cater to all levels and source the best local instructors and guides for smooth rides and also a little bit of risk-taking from time to time to get the blood flowing. There really is no better place for a novice and experts, together.

I’ve got an idea for a film where people go nuts in a mountain hotel. I feel like a type-writer should be involved, but here it seems the high quality of the salad bar has done it.

‘Cheese In Repose’ (2022) Beatriz Lourido Fernandez

Tony. The best of the best. Slides with the best.

Improvised Bob-sledding featuring (left to right) Rodrigo, Yuto, Ayu and Ryunosuke.

Richard belts across the ice with a young lady.

(right) Local goons Gary and Ivan pack the snowballs tightly for a surprise attack.

A beautiful night by the frozen lake.

This is a picture of three of our CDL Campers hanging out in a haunted house. The strange man on the right wasn’t there when the picture was taken. Spooky.

Sr. Xavi battles in another frighteningly intense game of UNO against the ever-competitive campers.

Billiards comes from the french word ‘Billiards’ meaning ‘Less Fun Ball-Pit’

For those of us who don’t own an ice-axe, the in-door facilities here are top of the line.

‘Comfortable Headwear No. 1’ (2022) Beatriz Lourido Fernandez

(left to right) Ivan and Richard plunge their souls into the Valhalla-worthy sport of curling.

‘Comfortable Headwear No. 2’ (2022) Beatriz Lourido Fernandez

Good times at the bowling alley!


‘A View From The Bench’ (2022) Xavier Benenaula

There’s nothing like the CDL Winter Camp. Except for the CDL Summer Camp, which is just as great. But it’s in the summer. As the name implies. Stick around to find out more about that. 

Good lord! What a wonderful week. And to think that it’s back to school from here. For all of us. So until next time, hold on to your hats, keep your mittens about you and don’t be afraid to have fun!

Best of the best from the CDL Winter Camp (2022) Crew!

Malaysian Night @ Léman Cafeteria!

The Coat of Arms of Malaysia

Malaysia’s administrative capital is Putrajaya (2º56’N 101º42’E)

While its legislative capital is Kuala Lumpur (3º8’N 101º41’E)

The National anthem of Malaysia is “Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu” which translates to “Unity is Strength” in English and also very true.

A Tour of The City of Hamburg

PSYCH! It’s got nothing to do with Hamburg! It’s BURGER NIGHT!

(left to right) Nikita, Adam, Rayan, Gary and Max begin assembling the burgers of the future we all deserve. Beyond space, time and flavour.

(left to right) Abay, Ivan, Richard, Aleksei and Kevin coming in for seconds!

(left to right) Rayan and Gary get ready to construct the best burgers they’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.

(left to right) Nikita talks a big game as he ladles on the sauce while Adam gazes off camera is something that couldn’t be more important than the freshly assembled burger on his plate.


(left to right) Nikita, Toma, Imanali, Alexandre, Boris, Kirill and Rayan tuck on into another lovely in-house dinner!


Best of the best from the Olympus Boys!

Beginners, Badasses and Bananas

It always takes time to get good at anything. That’s always been true. Some look at the time and dedication it might take to get truly good at something and feel like it’s not worth it but with passion, time is no object. When you’re working on something you love, it doesn’t cost anything at all.

Unless you’re getting good at duelling others with bananas, in which case it might earn you a lot of fun, but might cost you a little dignity, no matter how many times you win.

Aleksei has just started playing guitar, taking lessons here at CDL.


Iyowuna’s musical skills are stuff of legend around here.


Leo and Davyd have only just started pointing bananas at each other but they’re getting very good at it.

Practise makes perfect, everybody!

Best of the best from the Olympus Boys


Weekend February 11th – 13th


(far left) Our man in the mountains Murat can be seen decked out for another glorious day of shredding powder on the slopes in Verbier.

(from far left) Christiaan, Davyd and Maksim make up for some mis-steps over the past week by lending a hand to the community service detail. Much like their acts, they will be cleaning up the school grounds through an intense battery of litter-picking and general camaraderie and bonding. Hard times, but good times.

Aleksei styles all over everyone with his refined billiards skills.

NOT SO FAST! Mr. Jakob styles in an even more impressive radius with his untested billiards skills! Somebody call the Swiss Sporting commission and have him taken to sports jail!

After a tough hour on the community service detail, Davyd births some cosmically sick tricks into the world. Amazing. All while dead asleep. What a legend.

Aoto and Ryunosuke chop up chocolate in aid of making some brownies on a fine Sunday morning. Some applause for our masterful bakers! Unless Sr. Xavi and Mr. Jake don’t get any. In which case, what they are doing is reprehensible and totally boring and dumb.

Wenyan and Kaishu are hard at work on the Cooking activity. The most important part of the cooking in the mental preparation which neither need that much of seeing as their culinary intellect practically powers the lights at Olympus.

Masafumi and Christiaan get onto baking some pudding in the throes of the Cooking activity we hold in the Eiger kitchens and dining hall.


Another successful weekend filled with relaxation, learning and good clean fun!

Except for those illegal billiards moves by Mr. Jakob. The authorities have been contacted.

Best of the best from the Olympus Boys!

A Pizza The Action

In order to enter the ‘Pizza Face’ competition, Olympus gathered the resident culinary mad scientists of Leonid…and no others, for none can match Leo’s genius.

‘Pizza Bae’ (2022) by Leonid

His name is Giorgio


We ate him, later. Though he was delicious, we are filled with remorse.

Best of the best from the Olympus Boys