Another dinner in the house! Paellas!

On Thursday we had another great night because we had the chance to enjoy a mouthwatering feast within our boarding house that managed to tantalize our taste buds. From appetizers to desserts, we’ve got it all covered. Plus, a warm and cozy atmosphere that made everyone feel right at home.

This dinner isn’t just about the food; it’s about spending quality time together. We managed to catch up, share stories, and create beautiful memories. Everyone enjoyed the good company and made this evening unforgettable.

As for the culinary delights, we savored mouthwatering paellas with tender chicken, zesty pico de Gallo, and some bread. To top it all off, our taste buds were treated to the delightful sweetness of crepes and orange cupcakes for dessert. It was a culinary journey that left us all wanting more.

Unforgettable Olympus Adventures: A Weekend of Thrills at Europa Park

The Olympus Boarders had an electrifying weekend at Europa Park, revelling in an adventure-filled escape alongside their fellow school boarders. From the breath-taking heights of the Silver Star coaster to the enchanting Fairy Tale Forest, they encountered  a diverse range of attractions, creating an atmosphere of laughter during their time at the park. Sharing experiences on rides like the Eurosat – CanCan Coaster or the Blue Fire Coaster their collective joy was palpable. As the weekend went on, the group found a shared sense of thrill and camaraderie, leaving the park with cherished memories and strengthened bonds—a testament to the joy found in shared adventures among the school’s boarders.

Wellbeing Programme- Pillar 2

As part of our Wellbeing Programme we are embarking on;

Pillar 2: Protecting Against Bullying and Promoting Diversity.

At CDL, we believe that our strength lies in our diversity. As we embark on the second pillar of our Wellbeing Programme, our dedication to creating a safe, inclusive, and respectful community has never been more evident. This week, we have taken the first steps in what we hope will be a transformative journey for every member of our community.

We are particularly proud to have student advocates taking the helm in guiding us through this pillar. These passionate individuals have been instrumental in creating initiatives and discussions that challenge us to think deeper about what it means to truly embrace diversity and stand united against bullying.

The theme of our first week has been discovering and appreciating the similarities that exist between roommates from different backgrounds. It has been an enlightening experience to see students engage in dialogue, share stories, and find common ground amidst their diverse cultures, beliefs, and personalities.

Last night we started this with You-How doing a speech to the boarding house, followed by Kostya presenting a game to promote unity.


Chess Tournament Champion!

In our house we have a lot of chess players and a lot of them took part in the College du Leman chess championship that took part in the house as well.

7 of our students took part in the tournament, being a big majority of the participants.

The finals were between two of our students, Nursulton and Saarthak, with Saarthak coming out victorious.


And congratulations to everyone else who took part in it!

We sincerely hope our students will continue following this passion and take part in the upcoming Nord Anglia Education tournament.

A house full of climbers

In the heart of our cozy boarding house, nestled amongst the Alps, a passion has taken root and continues to flourish – the love for climbing! Metaphorically and literally our students are climbing new heights, achieving better grades, and scaling indoor climbing walls.
But this post is about their love of literal climbing, in this house there exists a dedicated group of students that go climbing every week, either on weekdays or weekends, usually accompanied by one of our own house parent, Mr. Rodrigo, who initiated the love for the sport. Every time this experience leaves our students with smiles and excitement for their next climb, always being proud of their new personal record and how high they can reach. It is heartwarming to see them exercise their strength and perseverance with such passion.
May their passion flourish and may they be able to reach anything their mind sets as a goal.

An amazing “fin de semaine” back to the boarding house

The first weekend back at the boarding house after the holidays can be a bittersweet experience. You’ve had the joy of reuniting with family and friends, indulging in home-cooked meals, and enjoying the comforts of home. However, as you return to the familiar routines and camaraderie of your boarding house, you have to readjust which can be demanding. Mixed emotions and valuable life lessons are plenty in this weekend.

The boarders participated in the weekend activities with enthusiasm and joy. They played chess, handball, and tennis, ran, talked about history, climbed, cooked éclairs, and visited a chocolate factory. In the night after studying some students with the memories of their home country fresh in their hearts, decided to cook one of their country’s dessert, brigadeiro, and share it with everyone.

First Week after break!

The holiday break is officially over, and our boarding house is once again abuzz with the joyful return of our boarders, with a renewed sense of excitement our students found their way back to their home away from home. The reunion of our students was filled with happiness, laughter, and sharing experiences about their trips, like the school trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

After weeks of relaxation and exploration during the break, returning to a structured routine can be challenging. However, our boarders are quick to adapt and integrate into boarding life quickly once more. While technology allows them to stay in touch during the break, nothing compares to the joy of reuniting with friends in person. They laughed, gossiped, and played with their friends in and out of the house.

CDL Olympus Boarders Return Refreshed

After having a fun and relaxing October break, CDL Olympus students are now back and ready
to resume their school year. It’s worth noting that these students have returned from all corners
of the globe, each with their unique tales of adventure and exploration. The break provided
them with a well-deserved opportunity to unwind, recharge, and make wonderful memories.
They now face the next part of their school year prepared, relaxed, and filled with enthusiasm