🐒 🧗🏻‍♂️ So Far, So fun 🎾 🍳

Our students are enjoying a 4 days weekend. Our guys had the opportunity to choose amongst a variety of activities indoor and outdoor to complement their wellbeing program.

Some of our students visited the High Ropes Course in Signal where they could try different routes and obstacles.

We also visited the Jumping Park in Lausanne, a giant obstacle course full challenges for the young ones.

On the caption Michel and Boris trusting each other fighting their fears.


Sadi and Guanchen getting ready for the jump.


Imanaly landing on the the inflatable mattress getting ready for another jump.

Omar and his colleagues played tennis on campus.

Our chef Fred was running the cooking workshop. Guanchen was assisting him.

Boris is demonstrating once again his skills with the pan.



Felipe Kicks his first heal kick-flip tonight!!

This evening Felipe kicked his first heal kick-flip after spending his social hour practicing outside with a fellow grade 7 student. It was such a nice moment to experience as Jimmy from grade 7 was more than happy to provide Feliphe with small changes to allow him to do this trick which he has struggled to land in the past!

The photo says it all.. A ball of joy and a sense of achievement after landing the trick!!

Speedboat Saturday with Mr.Usher on Lac Leman.

On Saturday Mr.Usher took some of the boys from the house onto Lac Leman on a speedboat. We had beautiful weather here this weekend so Mr.Usher and the boys took full advantage of the lake. As the weather improves we will be enjoying more and more activities on the lake.

Mr.Usher getting ready to set off with the boys.

Francisco, Aoto and Ryunosuke got a quick snap before setting off.

House Charity Event for World Bike Relief………Olympus Cycling club begins

Today the boys took part in a charity event where each team of 4 they had to cycle the 4km. This meant each member cycling 1km each.  They had to complete the loop on the Volcano Circuit on Zwift.

Daniel working hard on the bike for his team.

Albion working up a sweat for his team which paid off in the end!!

The winning team that were treated to a Black Tap burger for their hard work!! They ended up completing 4km in 6:05!! Good work lads!! The sponsorship money is still being counted and more challenges are being planned by Arsenii.

5k to 20k, what an incredible achievement Arsenii !!!!

Remember Arsenii, who only started running in November, as one of the Founding members of the running club. He did his first 5 km in 2021, and what a huge achievement that was….. well he has just blown that out of the water and has just completed his first 20km run


Arsenii has completed the 20km in under two Hours, and has returned to the House with the knowledge, that every athlete experiences at some point, that our biggest limiting factor to physical exercise is our own minds. Arsenii told us this morning that 4 months ago he never thought he would ever run more than 10km, now he is planning a marathon before the end of the school year, combined in a challenge against Mr Tom, who is going to see if he can cycle round the Lake, while Arsenii does his marathon and see who finishes first, all for charity.

Wednesday Night is Meeting Night, with a side order of Fitness.


Tonight we had our house meeting where we discussed the upcoming events for this week.

Tonight we introduced and spoke about some of the in-house activities we would like to do in the coming weeks. The House parents are looking to take the boys on some adventures in the Mountains, Electric  mountain biking, Via Ferrata and rafting are all in the pipeline to be explored.

A shoot of a flying bee captured by Iyowuna last week. We entered this photo in for the Spring themed photo competition which ended up winning. The boys now have a pizza night tomorrow!!  Well done Iyowuna.

After the meeting we took part as a house in the CDL May fitness challenge. Today it was to see how many jumping jacks we could do in 30 seconds.