Maison Cailler Visit


This weekend, the CDL Middle school students took a trip to Maison Cailler. Here, they learned about how the chocolate was produced and the history of the Cailler brand. Of course, they were able to sample some delicious chocolate! Unfortunately due to bad weather, they were not able to visit the town of Gruyères as planned, but it was a great trip nonetheless!



Food Highlights from the Week

Happy weekend! This week featured lots of delicious home cooked meals. Throughout the week, Mohammad cooked a lovely chicken dish, while Firdavs made a fresh pizza with Mr. Manuel from next door. To usher in the weekend, we were treated to a house dinner where we were able to eat in the comfort of our home.


Stay tuned for the rest of the weekend updates!

International dinner – In connection to Norwuz!

On March 20th Norwuz, the new year celebrations according to the Persian and Iranian calendars were celebrated by people all over the world. As it is usual on Wednesdays, the CDL International Dinner always brings various dishes and flavors from around the world. It is only natural that this week, we had dinner in connection with Norwuz.

The International Dinner is an excellent event each week that allows our students to connect and learn about each others’ cultures through sharing a table and having discussions, tasty meals, and lots of fun!

Outing in Geneva!

Every Saturday the boys have the opportunity to visit Geneva as a group and go for a walk, explore the city and do some shopping together. Today was a very clear and warm day for us after the many colder days of Winter.

We enjoyed it a lot and are looking forward to have even more fun in the city once Springs kicks into full gear!

Wellbeing Pillar 4: Online Safety – Scams, Security, Identity theft

Which links are safe to click on? Should I open this email or not? What could be signs of a scam message?

Can someone pretend that they are me online? Can they get information about me that they can use against me?

These and many other possible dangers of being online were discussed during this well-being session with the boys. They learned about how to safely navigate the worldwide web and how to spot suspicious links and messages.

Very well done Javier and Ivan for leading the conversation and presenting the pillar’s points!

Portuguese dinner

Wednesday night transported us to the west of the Iberian Peninsula, where without a doubt Portuguese gastronomy leaves its mark wherever it goes. A tasty roast chicken with potatoes, a delicious cod dish, or a tasty octopus, are some of the examples of the dishes we enjoyed yesterday, but without a doubt the best, the “pastéis de nata“, there were none left so you can imagine how tasty they were.

Many thanks to our kitchen staff for helping us to travel without having to leave the CDL dining room.


Roman Holiday

No doubt this weekend Javier and Matvei, have been able to enjoy “La Dolce Vita” on their trip to Rome, they visited the Italian capital enjoying a guided tour of its most emblematic monuments and the Vatican City, with its famous Swiss guard. In addition, as a special activity, the boys visited the “Stadio Olimpico” to enjoy the spectacle of a VI Nations match between Wales and Italy, for many it was their first rugby match, but they certainly enjoyed the atmosphere of this international spectacle.


Something is going to happen in Concha…

First of all, we are sorry to be so mysterious but the occasion deserves it.

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today in Versoix and the fact that there is no school tomorrow due to the PT meetings, we are practicing our Talent Show, which will take place next Tuesday.

On that day you will have more news from us and you will be able to enjoy our spectacular show, we hope you like it.

Barcelona Trip

This past weekend, our boys went to Barcelona. Here, they visited the beautiful Park Güell, the famous Sagrada Familia, and other various sights around Barcelona. However, their main highlight was certainly visiting Camp Nou, where FC Barcelona plays!