Birthdays in Concha

Matvei had his birthday over the weekend and now that he is back from the Milan trip, he got to cut his cake!
To top things off, today is also the birthday of Ivan and the boys are up to something this afternoon. Expect a post about it a bit later!

Weekend in Concha

Summer is almost here and we take advantage of the sunny and warm weather that we are getting during the weekends!

Mohammad and Aryan practiced their badminton skills in the garden.

Firdavs did his first ever wakeboarding session.

And he was amazing at it!

Mr. Philip also showed the boys how to set up a hammock and they learner a bit about walking on ropes.

Long weekend in Concha, vol. 2.

Saturday and Sunday carried on with a lot of activities for the Concha boys.
On Saturday morning, we dipped our toes in Lake Geneva for some fun, then on the afternoon we went to Geneva.


Climbing that day was also a lot of fun and in the evening, the guys had a fantastic time on the football pitch.

We also have this one from Javi, very stylish, very commanding. Being in the center of the conversation in Vienna!

Fun days in Concha

Imagine the excitement when school is out for an extended break! With no classes on Thursday and Friday, the kids were overjoyed to embark on thrilling adventures. Let’s dive into their incredible journey!

With four free days ahead, the kids eagerly ventured into the Bio Parc. The sight of rescued birds, playful lemurs, and friendly farm animals brought smiles to their faces. The joy and wonder of witnessing these incredible creatures up close made their hearts soar with happiness. It was a perfect start to their break!

On Friday evening, the kids headed to the cinema for a mind-blowing action movie. The electrifying stunts and intense storyline had them on the edge of their seats, grinning from ear to ear.

Caisses a savon – Versoix

The 38th edition of this peculiar race takes place in Versoix and in other cities of the region. They are vehicles without engines, made in an artisan way and they have to make a downhill course in the shortest possible time propelled by gravity. No doubt they have left us some funny memories to see the number of funny designs we have seen.

Football Tournament and Chef Masafumi

This Sunday we have the Football for Everyone event on campus where boarders can participate in fun football matches while raising funds for charity.

Cooking is ever so popular and Chef Masafumi was making some delightful breakfast in the house!

Chase the ball!



Show ’em some moves!

These arms will catch any goal attempts!

Rest but observe the other team you will play against

You might be taller but I’m quicker!

Ready to play!

Lead the charge!

When you are so good that the girls are chasing you.

So, what’s the next move?

Bacon stripes! Bacon stripes! Bacon stripes! Yay!

Chef Masafumi in action.