Graduation 2015

Yesterday, the class ’15 officially finished its school days. The graduation ceremony took place at the Theatre de Leman. It was a beautiful ceremony full of emotions, memories and advices for the days to come. Everybody was feeling very proud of these young men & women that were taking their diploma. A part of it was also dedicated to Mr Thézé’s retirement. Finally, the two best students of the class 2015 read wonderful speeches and touched the hearts of the audience.

Ali, Amir, Mohamed, Anatoly & Yanming we all wish you all the best for the days to come. May they be prosperous, healthy and full of dreams coming true!

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FIFA House competition!

Today we had another House Competition: the FIFA challenge.

We were really good! Amir did his best but at the end lost at the semi finals. Edward & Gleb were there to support him. Thank you all for your efforts and participation. The last game was a real challenge!

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