In our journey towards fostering a culture of wellbeing, this week’s focus is on a fundamental aspect of human interaction – respecting diversity, specifically in terms of race and ethnicity. Building a community that values and celebrates differences not only enriches the lives of its members but also plays a crucial role in preventing bullying.

To combat bullying and promote a culture of respect, we must actively foster inclusivity. We’re creating a space where everyone feels valued, no matter where they come from.

This week, Mr. Iker and Ms. Ana have introduced a challenge for the students. The objective is to encourage them to recognize and appreciate the commonalities that they share.

The girls in the house had a lot of fun with this challenge. There were many takes of the audio recordings due to the sheer amount of laughter. The challenge proved to be fun and educational to an extent.

Till next time.

Lots of Love,

Aida & Yewande

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