Healthy diet habits & 🐟 Empanada

This Sunday we received Linda who teach the students about healthy diet habits. It was a very informative talk and the girls of Megard and Ly7 learnt new facts about healthy eating.

Before the talk we prepared a delicious Tuna empanada, an easy way to cook a nutritious Snack!

Tech-Free weekend

Our LY7 girls deciced to spend this sunny weekend with a whole range of  Tech- free activities. It was a pleasure to see you  colouring, painting, lego making, sunbathing, relaxing or stretching in our wonderful garden……

Successful students Art Exhibition

The art exhibition was held recently in Cervin Auditorium . The exhibition showcased the work of our Art students, including Lorena and Andrea from Louis Yung.

For art lovers, this was an opportunity not to be missed as the quality of the students’ portfolios has led to a successful event.

Well done girls!