Tour de Olympus…. for charity. Stage 1 ! 🚲 πŸ’ͺ

And we have finally set up our community service project: cycling as much as possible, raising funds for World Bicycle Relief, an NGO that takes bicycles to under developed populations in Africa in need of easy long-distance transport. Watch the boys cycle for a good cause !

Francisco was our brave first cyclist, he didn’t even break a sweat ! A modern day Hercules


Albion was our second next hero. An Achilles without the pesky foot !!


Boris cycled quite fast in such a short span. Getting too close to the sun aren’t you Daedalus !!


Max struggled quite a lot after his 2 minutes on the bike. Looks like our Odysseus needs some more training before reaching Ithaca.


Iyewona proves that slow and steady… is sometimes only slow and steady. Careful Pheidippides will speed past you , blink and you’ll miss it !


A Room With A View, 2020.


Panorama of our very own Mt Olympus. Even the heroes of ancient Greece need a well deserved break. Well done, boys !

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