Olympus End of the Year Fun

After a demanding week of exams, this weekend was one of the last moments for our Olympus Boarders to have fun and bond, as they face the final week of School before the Summer Break.

I a sunny environment, our students were able to take part in different activities allowing them to relax and interact with each other before facing a final stretch before the Summer. By participating in intense Handball matches, facing challenging Climbing circuits, creating inspired meals in Cooking sessions or taking part in the Running challenge of this weekend, the Boarders had an entertaining and resourceful time. On Sunday, CDL Boarders were able to have one final moment of togetherness and bonding, as they were invited to the End of the Year Event organised at Concha. This event was the chance for the students to engage in an Ice Cream party with Laser Tag, Trampoline and Water activities, offering an afternoon of wonder and fun. All of these moments created a perfect weekend of happiness.

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