Concha is closing for the Summer break

We would like to say a huge well done to all our boys for their incredible attitude and hard work this year. We have had a fantastic year with many laughs and we have made lots of memories that will last a lifetime. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer break with their families and we will see some of you again in August. Please write to us during the summer. Take care.

Congratulations Erik

Congratulations to Erik for graduating from Grade 5 and the Primary School! Next year he will return to CDL and join Grade 6, in the Middle School! Well done Erik for all your hard work. Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in August.

The Donut Boat activity on Lake Geneva


It was a warm Saturday morning and the weather was perfect for the Donut Boat activity in Lake Geneva. All the students had a lot of fun as the Boat dragged them across the water!! A perfect way to spend our weekend. All the smiles say a thousand words. We are all very lucky to have this opportunity close by.

Fun in the Concha Garden

As the sun continues to shine brightly, we continue to take full advantage of our incredible garden. Yesterday evening we had a ping pong tournament and some of the boys enjoyed testing out their paper airplanes. We will also be using the swimming pool this weekend – the weather is perfect for it!!

A Swiss Summer!

This weekend, the boys enjoyed the fantastic weather and activities on offer! We managed to get all the boys registered to participate in the Lake Activities, and as you can see from the photos below, they had the best time!