How can hobbies help to destress us?

We have opened our session with some minutes of meditation… We dimmed the lights, played some relaxing music and let ourselves go with the chilling moment.

A few minutes can be enough to create a soothing effect. Mark and Rakann voice how this tiny fraction of time made them feel relaxed and away from tension, problems, anxiety.

It was a great warmer to the topic of this meeting: “How hobbies help release stress.”

Everyone has a hobby and therefore a way of putting away our problems, at least for a moment.

Junior is keen on reading – he enjoys it, he acknowledges the intellectual benefits of it and he feels relaxed while reading.

Mark is keen on sports and music – when he plays his mind is away, thinking of the melody and the harmonies.

Misha plays online… which is ok, as long as within reasonable limits. He gets a sense of evasion which helps him cope with the real world.

During this Pillar we have tried to entice the boys to find ways of improving their physical and mental wellbeing, not just with sports but with any other way they feel they benefit of an improvement in their quality of living.

Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Activities that get you out and about can make you feel happier and more relaxed. Group activities like team sports can improve your communication skills and relationships with others.

And these are things we will try to keep pushing throughout the school year.

Concha Blanca – Roles of Responsibility

Dear Parents and Agents,

The following students have been nominated to represent the house in the following roles.

Loris will be our House Captain for 2021/22. He is an experienced student who sets a good example for others. He works hard in school, and at times, even harder on the Basketball court.

Kevin will be our House Rep and will join the other House Reps to make changes they desire for the Boarding Community.

Antonio, our residential Italian cook, will represent the house in the Dining Hall Committee, ensuring that the student’s voice is heard concerning the food in the Léman Dining Hall.

Louis will represent the house as our Wellbeing Rep and will help plan and deliver our Wellbeing Sessions and Activities.

Well done, boys!

James, Ronan, and Nathan 🙂

CDL 2km Run – Manuel

Manuel participated in the CDL 2km Run on Friday afternoon, and posted one of the best scores in his age group!

Well done, Manuel!

A message from Coach Jamie is below:

“This message is to congratulate all those who came with us to the sports centre this afternoon to compete in the 2k run. It was wonderful to see so many talented athletes enjoying the sunshine and completing 5 laps of the track in lightning-fast times! We had very nearly 60 runners – what a great turnout, I am sure you have set us off brilliantly in the Nord Anglia Global Sports Competition.

However, the results don’t get posted until Monday, so if you didn’t manage to join us, you can still do 2k in your own time this weekend and tell us about it here. Remember, parents and house parents are also very welcome to join our team so please feel free to encourage your family to follow in your footsteps and join the CDL team, they can also upload their times using the same method.
Once again, a huge congratulations to everybody who participated. Have a great weekend – you earned it!”

Wellbeing Wednesdays

Today, we had our House Meeting and discussed the Wellbeing Program. We spoke about how they identify personal stressors and ways to manage stressful situations.

Mr James talking to the boys about the topic.



Big Football Match

Today we had a big football match against Olympus. There was great teamwork on show and a lot of smiles. Both teams played very well.

Good spirit showed by both teams.

Herman man of the match