Weekend trips – Interlaken & Montreux

The boys were on trips on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday we went to Interlaken, a beautiful valley between the mountains and a lake. After a tour at the old town and the small market, the boys decided to play some football in the park and we watched paragliders descending from the mountains.

On Sunday we went to Montreux and visited the popular Christmas Market. The boys had a lot of fun and checked out the numerous entertaining and fun offerings at the stalls.

Concha boys assemble! (with guest appearances)

Duck your wings up!

Is this a new secret handshake or we are admiring a flower?

Eyes and ears on the guide!

An adventure awaits!

“Let me save this for later!”

Following the river

Montreux, as beautiful as ever

Who has antlers now?

Browsing the stalls

If it is flat and has grass, it will be good for some football.

Let’s try something new!

Artist at work


Listening to the guide

Boys by the river

Interlaken, beautiful as ever

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