Celebrating Excellence: Our First Awards Ceremony

Tonight marked a milestone as we celebrated outstanding students. Medals were awarded for excellence in Activities, Boarding Life, and Academics. These boys exemplify well-rounded individuals, contributing to the vibrant spirit of our community. From active participation in diverse activities to fostering a positive boarding life and achieving remarkable academic grades, each recipient deserves applause.

We were very pleased in the House to see our very own Michael (Boarding Life and Academics), Shiryu (Boarding Life and Academics), Ariel (Activities) and Vincent (Activities) winning well deserved awards.

This ceremony not only acknowledged individual accomplishments but also showcased our collective commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all the winners; your dedication and passion make us proud!

First Boarding Awards Ceremony of 2023/2024

Grade 8 Winner

Activities Winners

Boarding Life Winners

Grade 9 Academics Winners

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