Winter Ball 2023

On Saturday, the CDL boarding community celebrated the end of the year by holding a winter ball, held at the Hilton.

A lovely time was had by all, brilliant food, fantastic music, and only the tiniest amount of shenanigans.

The Concha boys rolled out to the event in finery – as is only natural for these fine young gentlmen.

Massive thank you to Lucélia for spearheading the night’s organisation, the Hilton Staff, and everyone who was involved in making sure the night was as great as it was – the boys had a blast!

The Boys dressed to the Nines

Pizza Party!

The Concha boys (plus a few visitors) had a blast on friday with a pizza party, to kick off the last weekend before the Departures next week. Our very own Nathan popped by to join in on the fun and was only mildly disappointed that they were not all for him.

In an international school and an international house, there is one thing we can all agree on – everyone likes pizza!

Rhythm and Grooves

Tonight, Muhan and Vincent showed off their fantastic breakdancing skills at the Extracurricular Winter Show. Absolutely wonderful show, well done to the boys and to everyone that took part!


Muhan making sure the crowd knows whats about to go down!

Vincent starting the hype and getting ready to throw out some serious moves!

The 7-6 Keyboard Skills Showcase

This evening, Firdavs and Andrew, along with their 7-6 classmates showcased their collective skills on the keyboard.

Well done to the boys and to everyone involved – you were all fantastic!

Firdavs wowed the crowd with the lvl 11 Tourelay, Tourelay

Andrew amazed everyone with the lvl 14 Can, Can

Celebrating Excellence: Our First Awards Ceremony

Tonight marked a milestone as we celebrated outstanding students. Medals were awarded for excellence in Activities, Boarding Life, and Academics. These boys exemplify well-rounded individuals, contributing to the vibrant spirit of our community. From active participation in diverse activities to fostering a positive boarding life and achieving remarkable academic grades, each recipient deserves applause.

We were very pleased in the House to see our very own Michael (Boarding Life and Academics), Shiryu (Boarding Life and Academics), Ariel (Activities) and Vincent (Activities) winning well deserved awards.

This ceremony not only acknowledged individual accomplishments but also showcased our collective commitment to excellence. Congratulations to all the winners; your dedication and passion make us proud!

First Boarding Awards Ceremony of 2023/2024

Grade 8 Winner

Activities Winners

Boarding Life Winners

Grade 9 Academics Winners

Baking Competition: The Creation of the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’

Dear all,

Today, the boys in the house took part in an inter-house baking competition, and they decided to try their hand at a caramel cake, which was aptly called the ‘Concha Caramel Mess’. While some might argue that other cakes were better, we at Concha know that ours was secretly the best.

How could it not be? The Concha boys made it, so, of course, it’s good!

A shout-out and a huge thank you to Emir, Shiryu, and Firdavs for the brilliant effort they put in.

Best regards,

The Concha Team

A selection of the other competiton

The final product

From humble beginnings to victorious bakers

A team effort

Lets get cooking



Weekend Overdrive

Dear All,

Another busy yet fun weekend here at CDL with the Concha boys, from shopping madness in Geneva to old reliable fun activities here at school – including the boys taking part in an inter house baking competition – there was something fun for everyone to be at!

Here’s to a productive week ahead!

The Concha Team,

Muhan and Daniel at Handball

The Tennis boys at the crowd-favourite weekend activity


Rolling Through Europa Park: A ‘Continent’-al Adventure

Over the weekend, the boarding team here at CDL got the opportunity to visit Europa Park, some lucky lads from Concha simply had to go along to check it out.

From the pulse-pounding loops of Blue Fire to the gravity-defying twists of the Silver Star, all the way to the enchanting ambiance of Europa-Park’s 15 meticulously crafted European-themed areas, every moment is a passport to exhilaration.

Europa Park isn’t just a theme park; it’s a continent condensed into an amusement haven, where every attraction echoes with the spirit of Europe.


Some Madness & Badness: House Meetings and Intl. Dinner

Dear all,

Another action packed day here at CDL – even when all may seem quit and peaceful, rest assured that someone, somewhere is acting chaotic!

Today we had the second joint house meeting with Concha Annex, we celebrated the International Weekly Dinner – this week, some lovely, classic Belgian cusine – and despite it all, the lads still managed to clock in a few mad moments playing basketball!

The Concha Team,

The boys – thinking they’re real comedians – digging into some Belgian mussels!

The entire Concha family all in one place!

Lebron who? Introducing the new basketball monster trio!

Team work makes the dream work!