Belgian Waffles and Karaoke 🎤

Not only during the Easter Egg Hunt the girls were surprised with chocolates – They also enjoyed Belgian waffles with different toppings this night in our Leman dining hall 🧇
I was very glad and excited to share these delicious treats from my home country with them 🤩 🤩

It was very much needed to shake off all these sugars and calories – so nothing better than a Karaoke / dance Session 🎙️ 🎤

Bunny Kisses 🐰 and Easter Wishes 🐣

This night we did a little Easter Egg hunt.
We hid chocolates all over the house for the girls to find 🍫
They sure did their best to not leave any eggs behind  😂

Follow them on their hunt: 



The Treasure 😍 

Smile and Pose – Graduation pictures day 📸

This year two of our girls will be graduating – Parisa and Kate.
On Monday they got to make pictures in our beautiful Concha garden.
Surrounded by their friends they stroke a pose in front of the camera 📸

Here is already a preview of the results and a behind the scenes!
For the other pictures, you will have to wait until their Graduation day in June 🎓👩‍🎓

Cozy Sunday at its best 🤗

This weekend we did not have the weather on our side. 🌨️
We planned to do an Easter egg hunt🐰but this one we postponed for a later time in the week.
Nonetheless, we made the best out of it and the girls spend some good times with their friends.

Watching a movie, playing poker, eating McDonalds – what do you need more? 🍔🍔


Life is a lot better with chocolate 🍫

Polina and Sakura took the initiative to make some delicious chocolate treats for today’s meeting.
(hot) Chocolate milk, topped with whipped cream, and home-baked brownies – NJUUUUUMIEEEE !!! Afterwards we wrapped up our 4th wellbeing pillar: Online safety –
We discussed the question: “Why would I not want to live a day without my phone?
Here are some of the answers that came up
– It is a way to stay in touch with my friends and family on the other side of the world
– It helps me to disconnect to watch some funny video’s
– It is my alarm to wake-up
– My schedule and planner are in here
– I have apps that gives me daily reminders of important things that I cannot forget

Of course, the girls realize there are alternatives, and they all agreed that one day they could do without a phone, but at this point it is just very convenient as a phone is an everything in one device/tool 📱

And what about you, could you live a day without a phone? 

✨ Talentshow ✨

The talentshow might be truly one of the highlights in our boarding year.
Each house gets the chance to perform and shine on the stage for all the other boarders, management and the directors!

Our girls were just AMAZING!

They did a combination between Parisa signing and a dance with Flashlights.
As you can see, they got the whole audience to sing along and they literally and figurally lit up the room! 🌟
Well done!!!


Sunday’s are for baking 🍪

This afternoon, we baked some delicious Kinder Bueno cookies in the house, and believe me, they went down extremely well! 😍

As chocolate lovers, we found a recipe online that met our chocolate desires in every way possible! 🍫

The recipe uses a traditional cookie dough mixture as demonstrated by our lovely Sakura. 🥰

Once the dough is formed, we added the kinder chocolate and divided them into equal amounts. Somehow, a few bits of chocolate went missing during the process… 😅

Once baked, we added a Kinder Bueno square to each cookie and left them to cool down for half an hour… however, we thought it would be best to try one as soon as it came out of the oven, just to double check they tasted good… 🤭😏

We shared them amongst everyone in the house and I think it’s safe to say we all have a sweet tooth here in Louis Degallier. We just wish we could share them with you across the world! 🌎

Alongside our cookie making, Daria was baking some Russian sweet treats using her Grandmother’s recipe. Lots of creativity in the kitchen today!

Weekend in Rome

This weekend our students fully enjoyed Rome’s vibes. They had a mix of nice walks, great Italian flavors and visiting the main attractions.
Overall, they had great fun!

Definitely an experience to repeat!

Happy International Women’s Day 🌸🌹🌻

Today is International Women’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with beautiful flowers! 🌹🌸

We are so proud to have such strong, intelligent and ambitious girls in our house. It’s clear to see that they are all each other’s cheerleaders when it comes to supporting their personal achievements, whatever they may be 👯‍♀️

They are all inspiring young women, each with their own purpose and talents and we are so excited to see how they use their incredible powers in the future ⭐❣

The girls received gorgeous bouquets from their loved ones to celebrate this special day ❤

Thank you ladies for being you! 🥰


Ice Ice Baby 🧊⛸

This afternoon, we took some of the girls Ice Skating in Geneva and had a great time!

The girls showed off their amazing skating skills and I am happy to say that no one fell over – I think we could even enter a CDL figure skating team for the next Winter Olympics ⭐⭐⭐

Smiles all round from the girls in Louis Degallier 🥰

The hardest part was putting the ice skates on – luckily Bea had some assistance from a friend!