👩‍🎓 Graduation Weekend 🎉

Congratulations to the Class of 2023!

Congratulations, dear Eva & Regina!

As this momentous chapter of your lives comes to a close, we bid you a heartfelt farewell and celebrate the remarkable journey you have undertaken this far. Throughout this past year, you have experienced growth, formed deep friendships, and gained invaluable experiences. We have immense pride for the individuals you have become, as your resilience, determination, and positive spirit have made a lasting impact on those around you. From the early mornings and late-night study sessions to the shared laughter, tears, and significant support, you have embodied the true spirit of sisterhood, forming lifelong bonds that will extend beyond the walls of this House. Equipped with passion, and a strong belief in your abilities, embrace the challenges that lie ahead, as they will shape and strengthen you further. As we bid you farewell, our hearts are filled with joy. The future holds even greater adventures for you! Remember, your potential known no bounds, and we have every confidence in your ability to shine brightly! We believe in you, and will forever hold you in our hearts.

Eva – Graduation video clip

Regina – Graduation video clip


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