Long weekend (yes, again🤩)

Dear all,

This lovely and sunny weekend was the first real spring weekend we had this year. Sun was out, temperatures were up and the girls didn’t want to waste their last free weekend before the exams in the house (but don’t worry, we can assure you they are studying).

Luisa and Roberta spend their Saturday morning in the lake doing Wakeboard. Even if it was their first time doing this, they enjoyed it a lot, had fun, and managed to stay still (at least a few times).

Ingrid went back to physical activities and enjoyed doing some climbing (she doesn’t want to admit it, but we are sure she is training to climb the Everest).

On Monday, as it was a non-school day, some of our girls joined the trip to Luna Park, in Lausanne. For those who don’t know, Luna Park is a temporary amusement park that works all around Switzerland. They have dozens of different rides and food trucks where you can have from ice creams to hot dogs or Asian food.

Darina, Samira, Sofiia, Bice, Joslyn and Rin had lots of fun; they ate a lot, had slush and went on some rides (or all of them if you ask Samira).

But it’s Monday night and we are back in the house, preparing the coming week and studying for the final exams. Only 3 more weeks of school!!!

Lots of love,

Terri, Sarah, Maria, Ioanna and Fana.

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