Smoothies at the American Diner

So today in our Old Portena house activity we booked out the American Diner for smoothies. This morning, Joanne was asking everyone what smoothies they wanted.
“Arin, what kind of smoothie do you want at the diner? How about trying the Oreo smoothie! It’s really great!”, she says, discretely hinting to the legenDAIRY (pun haha) Oreo smoothie.
So I’m thinking hmmmmm…
“You know what I want?”
“What do you want? The awesome OREO SMOOTHIE?”

*dramatic pause*

And that’s the story of how I chose a strawberry smoothie over an Oreo smoothie. 🙂
The end

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General Knowledge Super Finals

Today I was selected for the General Knowledge Super Final in front of all the G8’s. We lost miserably, losing 36-20, (because we didn’t know that Spock’s blood was green!) We played against six teachers including Mr Gilbert. However, out of the goodness of their hearts, the teachers allowed us to have the trophies, because we are all champions in our own way! 🙂


Revision for exams

Today I started to get all my notes on my bed to revise for my final exams in June and the tutor gave a timetable to fill in and ten revision tips to start revising to start tonight.imageimage image

Academic Tutors

Our Academic Tutors are available throughout the week in the after school study sessions from 4pm-7pm. These Tutors provide personalised tuition to help each student excel in their studies and revise for their exams.


We have lift off!

Kateryna has been looking after her sunflowers very well since she planted the seeds on Friday. Today she was excited to see that she already has two new baby shoots (if you look very closely!) Herluce and Irina are in second in place with their first shoots appearing as well.

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House Competition Winners 2015

We had an amazing time celebrating our House Competition prize from 2015. We were given an amazing experience day in the new Bain Blu Spa in Geneva. We relaxed after a lot of tests this week and it was really fun. The best part is the rooftop pool looking at lake Geneva. Thank you Diego for organising this for us, we had a great time. (Anastasia N. G8)

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